Download dream league soccer 2022 for android

NameDream League Soccer 2022
PublisherFirst cảm ứng Games Ltd.

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MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb opponent/Unlimited stamina/Unlocked formations, logo
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

V1: thủ thuật menu

Dumb botsBots don’t moveIf there is any error while launching the game, please delete it and download it on CH Play. After the download percentage appears, cancel the download and reinstall the trò chơi from the website

V2: thủ thuật menu: Only for rooted devices

Dumb AI // AI Doesn’t bởi anything

Dumb GoalKeeper // GK doesn’t do anything

No Foul // No Fouls for tackle or keeper

No Offside // Offsides are not triggered

No Injuries // Players never get injured

Unlimited Substitutions // Can Substitute more than 3 players (not at once)

Unlimited Stamina // Stamina Never Decreases

Freeze game Clock // Freezes Match Time

Throw In = Halftime // Throw In Ends the Current Half

Custom Kit/Logo Unlocked // Can use Custom Kit và Logo

All Customizations Unlocked // Kits/Logo/Coach Customizations

All Emojis Unlocked // All Emojis for Online

All Formations Unlocked // All Player Formations Usable

No Ads // Removes Ads at Halftime and Instant Skip Bonus Ad

No Forfeit Penalty // Forfeiting the match won’t địa chỉ cửa hàng any goals khổng lồ enemy team

15 Goals // Adds 15 Goals instead of 1 (Works for enemy too so turn on only when you score)

Clear Goals // Scoring a goal sets it lớn 0 (Turn it on & score own goal to lớn remove any goals against you)

Note: All the features are lớn be only used Offline! Using it online will kick you from the game! All Features except Dumb AI are also linked with the offline enemies, meaning it will work for them as well! You can turn the mods on/off as you like!


Dumb opponentOpponent not move


Bots don’t moveBots spawn in one place

Dream League Soccer 2022 is a trò chơi for you lớn be presented as a professional player. Join your teammates lớn play football and bring high achievements. The game will let you start with a match & a fight for the ball. Enter a battle to win with lots of drama. Dream League Soccer 2022 will give players the best experience. Play on the field & show off your own shots. Bring an exciting atmosphere with the players. The phase of stealing the ball, creating a trò chơi with many other surprises. Come to lớn Dream League Soccer 2022 và come to lớn a fierce match.


Participating lineup

Gather famous players with good soccer skills. Football stars cannot fail khổng lồ mention Kevin De Bruyne và Roberto Firmino. They are all great contributors to the victory. Build a squad that engages with the best players. There are plans and training to lớn make the army stronger. Strong inability & also in the way of playing. A dream team with many people sharing the same passion as you. Team up & create the most powerful squad. In addition, there are also substitutes to lớn replace at any time. Ensuring the unique and tốc độ of competition with people who have made many miracles. Dream League Soccer 2022 will bring many players for you lớn choose from. They are all good players and have the best playing skills.

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Compete against all opponents

The venue for matches against many opponents around the world. They are also passionate people and have a love for football. Their ability to lớn kick the ball is also something you need to pay attention to. They are all the best players, fighting for the ball with good skills. Therefore, players need khổng lồ focus và have their own processing phases. Dream League Soccer 2022 opens confrontations with every opponent in every country. You will block and make them quickly concede defeat. Or stand looking regretfully with goals scored on your own goal? Get together with your friends & head to lớn the opponent’s side of the field. Create the most powerful and accurate shots, making opponents’ goalkeepers unable to lớn defend. Score a lot of goals và put the whole team on the đứng đầu rankings.


Development for the team

For the team to lớn play well, know how to lớn attack quickly on the pitch. You need to lớn build a lot of strategies and train most professionally. For the army lớn learn more skills in blocking the ball and blocking the attack from the opponent. Train with soccer techniques & quickly handle unexpected situations that occur during the game. Win the ball and pass quickly khổng lồ teammates with the most accuracy. Dream League Soccer 2022 is also a place to lớn develop và train a dream team. The participating warriors are tall players who have their own ways of kicking and creating many goals. Possesses ability & has a high will to lớn fight. Build an excellent team that no one can resist. Tải về Dream League Soccer 2022 gian lận to participate in the competition, become a talented soccer player.


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