Hello neighbor

Hello Neighbors is a console & computer game categorized under the genre of "horror", although "suspense" would be more accurate. The premise of the game is that your neighbor has something to lớn hide in his basement & you need to find out exactly what. If he catches you snooping around however, the game ends and you have sầu khổng lồ try again. Essentially, it"s like a game of tag (while the ending is sudden, it isn"t gory) but there is a twist. Every time you are caught your neighbor (the AI software) learns your tactics & adapts khổng lồ make it harder for you. If you try going through the same door, for example, you might find a booby trap on the other side! Hello Neighbors is an original concept in strategy gaming with simple yet lovable artwork &, even if you are new to lớn "horror" games, this could keep you entertained for a long time.

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An original concept in horror and strategy gaming

A suspense-filled game designed too heavily with YouTube streamers in mind.

The biggest plus of this game is the concept itself. In a time where most games are just pale imitations of each other, Hello Neighbors has dared lớn be different & this has paid off. You"re landed opposite a neighbor from hell in (presumably) American suburbia. A normal-looking (except for his distinctive sầu moustache), middle-aged man is up to lớn something sinister in his basement và you need to find out exactly what. It is so simple and yet highly plausible & therefore easy khổng lồ relate lớn. It"s not just asking "what could you do", it"s asking "what would you do", and that makes it twice as scary & appealing at the same time.

If you want lớn try the free version, you"ll only need to lớn give your gmail address in order lớn create a GOG (a gaming and film distribution platform) trương mục and login, from which you can tải về the game. Having a trial version makes deciding whether or not to splash out và buy the full game much less of a risk. As mentioned, this is quite a nibịt game: horror meets strategy plus a quirky plotline. It is great that you can dip your toe in the water & get a sense if this game will be for you or not. The game is also really popular among YouTube streamers so there are plenty of videos online you can watch as well.

YouTube streamers has become a popular form of entertainment in which gamers mô tả live video feeds of them playing a game for people to lớn watch and bình luận. This is key information because the game itself has clearly been heavily designed for this industry. As a game which seeks lớn scare, it"s no surprise that this was an obvious market to lớn target. They have certainly been successful. A cursory tìm kiếm shows multiple "Hello Neighbor" videos on YouTube with over a million hits. The game"s emphasis on being fun lớn watch has come at the cost of being great lớn play.

It is not an intuitive game khổng lồ play. You may be prepared lớn spkết thúc time restarting the game trying to narrow down exactly how to lớn solve sầu the puzzle of your neighbor"s wrongdoings. You expect the objectives themselves to be clear, however, but they"re really not. Even if you"ve read the game"s mô tả tìm kiếm, exactly what you"re supposed khổng lồ be doing và when is often entirely elusive sầu. While the animated clips between levels adds a degree of overall narrative sầu, it doesn"t really help with the gameplay itself. You"ll also have sầu to work the controls out for yourself. This doesn"t mean you shouldn"t play the game, just don"t expect an easy ride!

Where can you run this program?

You can run this program on Windows 7 or later, iPhone 5S or later, PS4, XBOX ONE and Nintendo Switch. The breadth of platforms for this game is a testament to lớn its popularity.

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While this review focuses on how the game runs on Windows, the Pros và Cons of the game will remain largely the same. You won"t need to worry about graphics, if you"re using a games console, however. When you"re playing on a Windows PC, you are given the choice of playing the game in a range of qualities from "Low" up khổng lồ "Epic". It may take some trial and error working out which option is right for your PC.

Is there a better alternative?

If you like horror games, you"re spoilt for choice. From Dead Space (1 và 2) và Penumbria ("Overture" & "Blaông chồng Plague") to lớn Pathosúc tích và System Shochồng 2, there"s no shortage of options. When you take inkhổng lồ account the originality of Hello Neighbor"s concept & it unusual merging with the puzzle-solving over of strategy games, it becomes hard lớn substitute or compare it to lớn anything else.

If you"re looking for a quick & intuitive sầu game khổng lồ dive sầu straight into lớn then this isn"t the one. With very little indication of what you"re actually supposed to lớn vị or even how you"re supposed to lớn bởi vì it (the controls are left as somewhat of a mystery), you"ll need plenty of time and patience to get what this game has lớn offer. Unless of course, you choose lớn enjoy the game as so many others to lớn by simply watching it played by someone else on YouTube. You"re either willing khổng lồ overlook a few shortcomings or jump baông chồng inkhổng lồ the mainstream pool of horror.

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Our take

Hello Neighbors is an endearing game. Unlike most commercial games out there, you feel as though you can directly connect with the game developers. There"s oodles of personality and character, not just in the creativity of the concept but in the artistry, soundtrachồng và design of the suburban world created by the Dynamic Pixels developer studio. It is such a fun idea và breaks away from the same rehashed gaming models that, for me, it is worth trying for that reason alone. This is not the game to lớn chạy thử the latest and greademo graphics, nor is it intuitive. For better & worse, it is different.

Should you tải về it?

If you love horror & strategy games và you"re prepared to put up with a self-taught learning-curve sầu then give sầu this game a try. You don"t need to pay and tải về the full game. Start off with the không tính phí trial. If you"re not sure whether you lượt thích strategy and horror games (or how patient you"ll be trying khổng lồ work the game out) then give the trial ago as well: it"s free!

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