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This is a wrapper/port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Android for the PS Vita with lots of custom patches such as:

Fixed camera controls for flying vehicles (including the Hydra jet).Fixed broken facial expressions.Fixed cheats hash key table.Removed specular lighting on pedestrians.Added PS2-like rendering.

The port works by loading the official android ARMv7 executable in memory, resolving its imports with native functions và patching it in order lớn properly run.By doing so, it"s basically as if we emulate a minimalist android environment in which we run natively the executable as is.



Changed some button actions to on press (e.g. Jump).Made minor improvements. Thanks khổng lồ psykana.Updated to latest vitaGL.


Fixed original bug where ITB & the thể hình treadmill could not be used. Thanks khổng lồ psykana.Added version to lớn bubble.


Fixed issue where some peds were invisible.Improved performance by using a draw speedhack in vitaGL.


Updated to latest vitaGL which fixed a lot of bugs found during Bully development.


Added controls mapping configuration through the companion app. Thanks to lớn Rinnegatamante.Updated to lớn latest vitaGL which improved performance.


Added a few optimizations.Fixed không lấy phí aim option.Disabled tự động hóa landing gear deployment/retraction. Thanks khổng lồ psykana.Moved plane rudder control lớn GetTurret. Thanks khổng lồ XirXes.


Added option to allow cut radio songs to lớn play.Added MP3 fuzzy seek option to improve loading speed.Added custom codes to activate mobile cheats:"THEFLOW" - Invincibility"RINNEGATAMANTE" - Weapon mix 4Fixed mixed cheat codes.Fixed plane rudder controls.Improved the "Resume" menu entry to load the latest save (manual and tự động save).Selecting the "Quit Game" thực đơn entry will now create a quick-save which can be loaded via the "Resume" menu entry.Improved performance by redirecting mpg123 to lớn our own library.Improved performance by using better algorithms in vitaGL.


Updated openal for better performance. Thanks to isage.Fixed crash when selecting japanese/russian language. Thanks to lớn psykana.Improved control scheme. Thanks to lớn XirXes and darthbellic.

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Added ability to lớn remap controls with ux0:data/gtasa/controls.txt. Thanks to PoisonPoisonPoison.Added default vita-enhanced controls schema by darthbellic.Added support for co-op rampage missions when using PS3 scripts. See Tips và Tricks for instructions.Added option khổng lồ enable high detail player textures.Switched lớn OpenAL-SDL for better performance.


Fixed memory leak in vitaGL leading lớn corrupted textures.Added ability to bản đồ L2/R2 to lớn the front touchpad on the top. Thanks to psykana.


Changed to Xbox 360 buttons mapping (while keeping PS3 icons).Fixes fighting movesAllows switching target using L2/R2.Changes bunny hop from double X to L1.Fixed rain và classic shadows rendering.Improved loading speed. Thanks to lớn Graphene.Fixed thread scheduling. Thanks khổng lồ Graphene.Fixed crash on exit.Removed redundant mobile controls menu entries.


Initial release.

Setup Instructions (For end Users)

(If you have already installed the game và want khổng lồ update to a newer release, you can simply install GTASA.vpk on your PS Vita).

In order to properly install the game, you"ll have khổng lồ follow these steps precisely:

*KERNEL ux0:tai/kubridge.skprx ux0:tai/fd_fix.skprx
Note Don"t install fd_fix.skprx if you"re using repatch plugin

Open the android with your zip explorer, extract the assets folder from your .apk file to ux0:data & rename it lớn gtasa. The result would be ux0:data/gtasa/.Still in the apk, extract the file from the lib/armeabi-v7a thư mục to ux0:data/gtasa.Open the with your zip explorer (.obb files are zip files just lượt thích .apk files so just rename the .obb to lớn .zip) and extract the contents to ux0:data/gtasa.Same as before, open the with the zip explorer & extract the contents inside the zip lớn ux0:data/gtasa.Optional: For a more authentic console experience, copy the tệp tin ux0:data/gtasa/data/360Default1280x720.cfg khổng lồ ux0:data/gtasa/ & rename it from 360Default1280x720.cfg to lớn Adjustable.cfg. This tệp tin is a leftover from the Xbox 360 version and provides you the console HUD (e.g. Radar on bottom left).

If you have followed the steps correctly, this is how your ux0:data/gtasa thư mục should look like.


Configurator App

After fully installing the port, you"ll be able lớn configure it with the Configurator app.The Configurator phầm mềm will allow users lớn enable or disable a phối of optimizations, patches & renderer alterations khổng lồ best match users taste.You can launch the Configurator app by clicking on the Configuration button located on the LiveArea section of the port as shown in the following screenshot.


Tips và Tricks


The L2/R2 buttons are mapped khổng lồ the rear touchpad on the top và the L3/R3 buttons are mapped lớn the front touchpad on the bottom. With v1.2 & higher, you can maps L2/R2 to lớn the front touchpad on the top.You can xuất hiện the bản đồ by holding START and then releasing.To properly take off during Learning khổng lồ Fly mission, retract your landing gear by pressing RIGHT.


In order to lớn reduce occasional stutters in-game, delete both ux0:data/gtasa/scache_small_low.txt và ux0:data/gtasa/scache_small.txt, then create a copy of the ux0:data/gtasa/scache.txt tệp tin to have two version of it. (for example scache(1).txt so in the end you kết thúc up with both scache.txt & scache(1).txt inside the ux0:data/gtasa/ folder), then rename scache.txt to lớn scache_small.txt and scache(1).txt lớn scache_small_low.txt . This will however make the loading screen longer since it needs khổng lồ compile more shaders ahead.

If the thư mục ux0:data/gtasa/cache contains much more than 300 files, it"s recommended to delete the thư mục and have it rebuilt.

In order khổng lồ save storage on your Memory Card, you can safely delete all files in sub-folders of ux0:data/gtasa/texdb which over with:

.dxt.dat, .dxt.tmb, dxt.toc.etc.dat, .etc.tmb, etc.toc

Build Instructions (For Developers)

In order khổng lồ build the loader, you"ll need a vitasdk build fully compiled with softfp usage.You can find a precompiled version here:, you"ll need these libraries khổng lồ be compiled as well with -mfloat-abi=softfp added to their CFLAGS: | | 567live XoiLac TV Ibet888