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New UC San Diego Students & Employees

Start here: Register your phone or other device. For more information and tutorials keep reading.

Existing Users: Quick Help

Locked Out or Device Unavailable

Get help if you"re locked out of Duo or your device is not available.

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New Phone (with Same Number)

Register a new or upgraded phone with the same number

The Basics

Learn how to use Duo Security to manage the two-step login process.

Step 1:

Log in as usual


Step 2:

Verify your identity





Get started in 3 easy steps:

Decide which device(s) you"ll use



See how easy it is khổng lồ register a device:



Student employees:

You may already be using Duo & two-step login if you"re also a university employee và are accessing protected systems. If you have separate student & employee accounts, you may need to lớn register each trương mục for two-step login. Learn more about Duo.

More information và details:


Two-Step Login

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