Developer: EA Los AngelesRelease date: 2009Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Real-time strategyVersion: Full Game

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Commvà & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising is a 2009 real-time strategy đoạn phim game developed by EA Los Angeles và published by Electronic Arts. It is a stand-alone expansion lớn Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 released for Microsoft Windows and offered via digital distribution. It does not require Red Alert 3 to play. It features about 30 new maps for traditional skirmish with many of these taking place in new environments. It does not contain any multiplayer elements such as cooperative play, online play or network play.

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A part of Uprising called Commander"s Challenge was also released as Comm& và Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Commander"s Challenge for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 24, 2009. It functions as a stand-alone game và does not require Red Alert 3 khổng lồ play. Commander"s Challenge contains only the Commander"s Challenge mode of Uprising and the new units và weapons, but not the campaign or skirmish modes.


Uprising picks up on where the Allied Campaign of the original game left off. Four "mini-campaigns" are available, one for each faction in Red Alert 3 and a bonus one centered around the origins of the Empire"s commando Yuriko Omega. Each of the campaigns is three missions long, with the exception of the Soviet one, which consists of four. Initially only the Soviet and Yuriko campaigns are available, the campaigns for the Allies và the Empire of the Rising Sun becoming available after finishing the first mission in the Soviet chiến dịch.


All three campaigns assume that the Allied faction was victorious at the end of Red Alert 3. Both the Soviet Union & Imperial nhật bản have surrendered.

The Soviet campaign focuses on the remaining Soviet resistance trying to stop FutureTech, an Allied defense contractor which plans lớn create a super weapon called the "Sigma Harmonizer", a device to selectively stop time. FutureTech is revealed khổng lồ have sầu been helped by European Union President Rupert Thornley. Thornley plans to remove sầu the Soviet Union from the timeline.

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The Allied chiến dịch concentrates on defeating several Imperial commanders who still resist Allied occupation. Emperor Tatsu has seemingly begun to cooperate with the Allies, but reveals his true intentions after his military authority is restored by the fall of Takara, the last commander in the Allied campaign.

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The Empire"s campaign covers the fight against two Soviet generals whose attempts to conquer parts of nhật bản is ignored by the Allied governor. The Allied forces finally decide lớn intervene in the last mission by attacking both belligerents.

The Yuriko chiến dịch recounts the story of Yuriko Omega, her origins and discovery by the Imperial military, her captivity by the Allies and her fight lớn rescue her sister. Unlượt thích the other campaigns, this campaign resembles an action role-playing game instead of a real-time strategy. The camera is always locked on Yuriko and the sidebar, minibản đồ & threat meter are replaced with a compact comm& bar dedicated khổng lồ Yuriko and her abilities.

Commander"s Challenge

Uprising also features a mode called Commander"s Challenge in which players can play against AI commanders with various skill levels. This mode was also released as a stand-alone downloadable game for PlayStation 3 và Xbox 360.

Commander"s Challenge contains 50 different, successively tougher scenarios. This is loosely based on Generals" Challenge from Command và Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour. It features some returning commanders from Red Alert 3 as well as some new ones. It contains some campaign-only units that appeared in the original Red Alert 3 such as the Tesla Tank và the Shogun Executioner. Certain maps in the Commander"s Challenge also have sầu special effects such as garbage raining from the sky or units produced on the map are shrunk. Before completing any missions, the player has access to only the basic units of each side, but upon completing each mission, more units are unlocked from the tech tree of that challenge"s opponents.

Some missions have other standards, such as Blood Feud, in which Commanders Shinzo & Kenji will fight each other until the player attacks either. Also, in Commander"s Challenge, the player can choose as which faction to play per mission, rather than playing the entire game as one faction (though this is possible) There are 13 main challenges và a further 37 side challenges which are unlocked when working through the game.