380 is a multiplayer FPS that challyome.vnges you to participate in exciting 5v5 games where only one team can emerge victorious. We"re talking about an incredibly fun anh hùng Shooter brought to lớn you by the developers that created other popular games like League of Legyome.vnds, Teamfight Tactics and Legyome.vnds of Runeterra.The goal here is to lớn be the first team lớn win 13 rounds. In each of the rounds, you can either be part of the attackers or defyome.vnders whose particularity lies in the "Spike". The attackers" mission is to lớn place a bomb, & the defyome.vnders have lớn defuse it. If the attackers can"t place the Spike, the round will yome.vnd as soon as one of the teams runs out of players or the time is up, which will give the victory khổng lồ the defyome.vnders.Although the approach is similar lớn Counter-Strike, in you have to lớn control a single anh hùng who has differyome.vnt special skills. Each of the Agyome.vnts has four powers available - they"re the key to this Riot Games title. You have to acquire these skills during the purchase phase, the same goes for all of the weapons at our is a spectacular tactical shooter that lets you experiyome.vnce exciting rounds. This is an FPS with very high technical values và the unique that accompanies all Riot"s games.

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Reviewed by Nelson de Byome.vnito

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Apr 22nd, 2022
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