24 Excellent Esl Games For Kids


What better way to lớn learn a language than playing games? Playing games is so interactive & hands-on & children will speak và learn more when they are having fun.

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Children absolutely love circle games of elimination. It is a fast-paced game that can be played at the beginning of the class và at the end of the class to lớn revise numbers. Instead of saying 3, 5, 13,15, 23,25, 33, and so on... The children have khổng lồ say Fizz or Buzz.

The teacher starts out the round with a number và quickly, the children go round saying the next number except when they get khổng lồ any number with a 3 or a 5 they replace it with a Fizz or Buzz. If you make a mistake sit down till the next round. Great laughter!

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2. Scavenger hunt

Treasure and Scavenger hunts are such fun. They can be done in small groups or pairs. The best thing about them is that you can vì chưng them by running around looking for objects on a danh mục or by giving kids a danh mục of clues và images to find depending on the clue. This can be done using old magazines, books, or newspapers.

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3. Taboo - 3 minutes Time limit!

This game really helps children learn how lớn paraphrase as they have a danh mục of words that they cannot say for example bathroom, water, clean, soap stand, & their teammate must guess HAVE a SHOWER. Therefore they have khổng lồ say, place in the house, don"t sit or lay down, relaxing, small area, curtain, smells wonderful, sing ...The best part is you can get the students lớn help you prepare the material in advance. Fun game!

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4. Pictionary


We all love drawing & playing games and Pictionary is a fantastic game for vocabulary nhận xét I have even used it for verb tense review.

Small pieces of paper và pens or a whiteboard is all you need. Tải về the dictionary cards or make your own. Divide the class into teams and time for a fun activity!

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5. Freeze Charades 


Explain the basic rules of charades and have the children come up with a verb to lớn act out. Shopping, Swimming, Watching TV - something easy. Then in the middle of their turn, the teacher shouts Freeze! and other children take their places in the exact position & the class has to say what it looks lượt thích they could be doing. "They were watching TV but now they are fishing" và then they act it out for a moment. Everyone loves improvisation games.

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6. Last Man Standing 

Students stand in a circle and the teacher tells the students the topic and they pass or toss the ball around saying words or short sentences that relate khổng lồ the topic. Keep it going faster & faster. If someone hesitates they are eliminated. Depending on the class size you can have more than one group. This is a word association game.

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7. Twenty Questions 

This is a classic game & the game time is short so you can have more than one round. If you have a big group, I would say break it up into two teams. 20 Questions is one of the simple games that anyone can participate with a little help. Good for a vocabulary lesson và to learn to ask questions. Students have 20 questions to lớn guess if the word you are thinking of is a mineral, object, food, or animal. Students ask any question - yes or no answers only.

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8. Stop the Bus!

The teacher draws or has a flashcard of the bus & a path. When the children say start the bus, the teacher gives them one letter and they have to lớn try to lớn write down as many words as they can starting with that letter. Until a short period of time passes and the bus reaches the bus stop picture on the board. Children get one point for the same word & 5 points for something different.

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9. Sentence building XXL 

Prepare a long các mục of complete sentences and structures with the vocabulary you are learning. Write the sentences out on A5 paper in a big font. Then cut up the sentences so you have a lot of words on paper. Shuffle & play in teams then they can try to build short or long sentences over and over again. Fun for all ages. Make the sentences funny & interesting.

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10. Gọi my bluff

This is popular with tweens và teens.

Students write down in their notebooks two facts that are true about them and one lie. The other students are allowed a couple of questions to lớn find out which one is the lie. Student A. I speak German - I play hockey - My sister has a pet snake.

The question could be: When did you learn German or how vị you say I like cheese in German? When did you start playing hockey?, Tell me 3 rules about the game, và What breed is your sister"s snake?

Everyone will love this game. All can participate in trying to điện thoại tư vấn the other one"s bluff!

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11. Hangman Games 

This is a good trò chơi played in pairs with mini-whiteboards. Students can invent their own words or they can have help from one of the lists. I would go the extra mile and have proper stands that you can make easily. They can practice spelling skills và they are very interactive games too.

Laminate your own boards.

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12. Move your body toàn thân dice 

Get a twenty-sided dice và write a variety of exercises like jumping jacks, hop on one-foot touch, tap your head & pat your tummy .... Roll the die and one student shouts out the moment. Everyone keeps going until the die is rolled again.

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13. Backwards! 

Learning how to talk backward is a fantastic way to lớn get children lớn really listen và pick up what you are saying. You are old how? From are your where? They think it is so silly, they pay attention và they are desperate to lớn want to lớn correct you. Can be worked into any lesson for learners.

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14. What am I or the forehead game? 

If you have a classroom with space this is a fun activity. You can use printable worksheets or you can make your own. Primary school children seem to lớn love this the best. The teacher puts a sticky chú ý on their forehead with a noun on it such as; baby pig, smelly sock, cow, or hotdog. Then the teacher asks questions like am I alive, am I an animal. Normally all of the students have paper or sticky notes on their forehead, walk around mingle & play. What am I?

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15. Singing grammar 

Singing Grammar has been around for a long time và it is still loved by all my kids và tweens.

"Johnny"s playing football & he"s gonna get dirty" ..." Johnny your mother"s coming...

Singing grammar has downloadable worksheets, printable worksheets, & songs that teach all of the tenses in an amusing way! Great for all English learners to lớn practice their listening skills.

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16. Riddle time and Jokes ESL

Riddles và jokes are something that is typically English & easy and natural to learn. Children can hear & understand English riddles và jokes và then they can go trang chủ and do some investigation and write their own to mô tả with the class. Good vocabulary practice, reading, & writing all in one lesson plan.

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17. Hidden picture PowerPoint game 

With this activity, you can discover how lớn make your own hidden picture PowerPoint game. The children will see one revealed square & slowly they will start khổng lồ ask questions và deduct what the hidden photograph is. Good for a class warm-up.

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18. Jeopary ESL 

This game can be prepared over time where the students are coming up with the questions such as:

a festival celebrated in fall where people vày not wear normal clothes và they lượt thích to look like something from a scary movie. They go out to the street at night and ask neighbors for sweets.

Answer = What is Halloween?

Good trò chơi to improve all 4 skills.

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19. Cup of Conversation 

Fill some plastic coffee mugs with different topics written on small pieces of paper. Each student draws a paper and then they have a simple conversation about the topic. When they are finished, exchange the cup to start a new topic. Effective lesson for pre-intermediate or advanced learners.

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20. Fast photos 

In this activity, we are trying khổng lồ prepare the students for the Cambridge speaking exams PET or FCE. We quickly show the entire class the picture for less than 10 seconds & they have to lớn try to explain something they thought they saw. Great Teen concentration game.

What were the people doing?

What was the weather like?

What clothes were they wearing?

How vì they feel?

Everyone speaks và everyone participates. Good for A2+ levels

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21. Did you say Drawing dictation

Your students will have a blast with this set of ESL và art lesson games. Imagine the teacher says "okay listen to the dictation và instead of writing it, please draw it & share. "

Three ladies went lớn the beach to sunbathe at the sea.

Can you imagine what fun they will have trying khổng lồ draw the dictation!

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22. Tic Tac Talk 

Draw a simple tic, tac, toe board và write some prompts in it and the students take turns answering the questions and crossing out their box with an X or an O.

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23. Phonics time 

One of the best ways to learn English is khổng lồ know your phonics. With some special websites lượt thích Kiz Phonics & Phonics Printable worksheets & phonics games, your students can really learn vowel sounds and consonant blends. Slowly Phonics will be lượt thích patterns to kids on their way lớn reading.

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24. Hungry Hamsters 

Hungry Hamsters ESL provides English Lesson plans, listening skills, & cute interactive digital videos khổng lồ help your student learn English easily. Fun classroom activities as well. With these little rodents learning English will be lượt thích riding a bike. Great way khổng lồ start a beginner"s class.

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