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From the Manufacturer

Card Wars is the most epic card game ever found in the Land of Ooo, or anywhere for that matter. Now fans can play the actual Card Wars game. In the Adventure Time episode "Card Wars," Jake begs Finn to play his favorite trading card game. Finn accepts, despite warnings from Beemo on how very competitive sầu Jake can be while playing the game. Finn và Jake battle against each other to decide who will be the Dweeb và who will be the Cool Guy.

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Product Dimensions4 x 3 x 0.1 inches
Item Weight13.6 ounces
Item mã sản phẩm numberJUN148099
Manufacturer recommended age14 - 15 years
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Release dateJanuary 1, 2014
Mfg Recommended age14 - 15 years
ManufacturerRejects from Studios

PROS: The game is simple khổng lồ explain, easy & fun to play, and actually kind of addictive sầu. the rules are complex enough lớn require an element of skill, but simple enough that you don"t get bogged down in the tiny details of thẻ abilities or spells. a "long game" can be finished in less than an hour (short compared to others, where a long game might take 2-3 hours). The cards are well-designed, graphically & materially, have a good feel, the art is funny và bizarre, và the decks sometimes take after the personality of their characters (I"ve sầu played the Finn và Jake, Ice King và Marceline, and the Princess Bubblegum & Lumpy-Space-Princess decks). some of the game mechanics are genuinely somewhat innovative. the game really strikes a good balance between strategy, probability, và rules.CONS: some of the decks, while still usually remaining within the confines of their characters, are massively overpowered compared to lớn others. it seems like each pack comes with a stronger và a weaker dechồng. Jake in particular probably has one of the strongest decks in the game, while Ice King probably has one of the weakest (which reflects the fact that Jake is supposed lớn be a super pro Card Wars player, & Ice King usually loses to the "good guys"). some of the rules or card powers can be vague, & I"ve sầu had to make decisions on interpretation with the other player many times. The lack of official multiplayer rules can be annoying, but I"ve sầu played 2 games with 3 players. Hero cards (sold separately) range from nifty additions khổng lồ downright game-breaking. some decks và cards can exploit basic game mechanics in genuinely unfair - or at least unfun - ways (for instance, by doing damage khổng lồ a player based on the number of cards in their hand). Decks sometimes have sầu themes, lượt thích Jake"s Corn deck và Princess Bubblegum"s Nicelands deông chồng, and it definitely seems that theme-deck-characters have sầu an advantage over non-theme-deck-characters (lượt thích BMO or Finn).Essentially, this game is a nerd-parody of Magic: The Gathering, hence "flooping". As such, if you"re familiar with the basic mechanics of MTG, then you"ll really enjoy this game, and piông chồng it up very fast. it"s actually a pretty good small tiệc nhỏ game too, if you open the rules to multiple players. some fundamental concepts: there is no upper limit on the form size of your hvà, so it should be as large as possible so you can maximize your available strategies; keep your lanes occupied at all times while simultaneously trying to always keep your opponents lanes empty; và always try to lớn maximize your damage every turn, preferrably lớn your opponent rather than his creatures.
I purchased this after watching the "card wars" episode. I was kind of reluctant to lớn buy it due to the nhận xét, but it turned out khổng lồ be awesome! Do not expect the same game F&J are playing. Does not have the super crazy rules and holographic table (which is no problem, I mean come on) along with the cards they used are spread across the games. E.G. Immortal Maize Walker and Wandering Bald Guy come with the BMO&Lady deck as well as the volcano and cave sầu of solitude in the Bubblegum&LSPhường deông chồng. Aside from that, the game is amazing! Very similar lớn Hearthstone where you have you minions attaông xã each other an your opponent. The package came early, was in perfect condition, no cards missing, and has all the right area cards. One last thing, aside from the bad review & Jake"s (above) quote, the game is not complicated at all. Just study them carefully, I had the rules learned in 10 minutes of opening the rule book. If adventure time is your thing, this is a very nice addition to lớn your collection!
Purchased this sản phẩm at the beginning of August 2018, shipped in a reasonably well amount of time, but I was anxious to lớn receive sầu it.Upon opening the box, I noticed the first cards I saw were the landscapes. The first one was falling out of the cardboard frame, which basically fell apart upon the first touch. The cardboard was extremely worn on them, and the punch-out tokens ripped slightly upon removal even though I was extremely careful.I figured that it wasn"t that big of a giảm giá khuyến mãi, as I would be playing the game often enough to lớn wear the cards out anyway, và that the hàng hóa might be old & torn from shipping. But they did look used.My Blue Plains landscapes also had a sort of green marker substance smudged across them, I wasn"t too thrilled when it didn"t come off. They are still completely usable & just look like they"ve sầu been though some rough battles.The front of the box mentions a "Bonus Code Inside" và it actually took me till my second game lớn find it. The code feels khổng lồ be ignored as the Red "Secret Message" card was also shoved into the dechồng, which extremely confused me. I eventually found the thẻ hidden within the deck on the second Pig Card. As a heavy player for the tiện ích I was thrilled to lớn purchase this, but was extremely disappointed lớn find out that the code was just an extra pig thẻ, completely useless lớn a player who is far in the game.Even though its had its rough and tumbles, the game is extremely thrilling khổng lồ play at sleepovers, & to pass the time in the hot summer day. Jake"s deông chồng seemed khổng lồ be extremely overpowered, and the rules are a bit messy, but a solution I found was to lớn mix both the decks together, give each player 2 Blue Plains landscapes & 2 Cornfield landscapes, and randomly giảm giá khuyến mãi out 40 card for both players. It gives a great chance factor for great polls & makes it amazingly fair for everyone, instead of using the pre-assigned decks, which almost always result in the "Corn" Deông xã winning, unless the Blue Plains player gets lucky.Looking forward to lớn purchasing more decks!