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Bring the ultimate experience to lớn the user, Be Cool ! Be Gamer!!

The GameMax focus on gaming products to lớn enable everyone to have a great experience without breaking the bank.GameMax products of computer case & power supply are very popular among trò chơi players with the advanced environmental technology and avant-garde thiết kế of the appearance. In North America, the trò chơi enthusiasts already heard the GAMEMAX. GAMMAX had maintained the concept of “a good hàng hóa based on the environmental technology” to lớn design the products. These won the praise of the industry & the recognition of game enthusiasts.


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GameMax Gaming Computer Cases

Gaming Case is made with a very simple và classic design, it comes with aluminium front panel và an attractive tempered glass side panel on the left side. With RGB controller and support AURA SYNC, allowing for easy control over the colouring of the 3 x RGB 120mm fans included which makes this an ideal solution

Gamemax Gaming power nguồn Supply

Gamemax RGB series power nguồn supply offers “Value và Performance” scheme. The most suitable cost/performance ratio is the best choice for system builder. 12V CPU power & modern PCIe 6+2pin connectors are ready for high-end gaming system. Fully electrical protection and official safety are also the unique promise by Gamemax.

Curved Gaming Monitor with 144HZ

With an immersive curved screen, the GameMax GMX24C144 provides a stunning viewing experience for work or play. The monitor has been designed with an 1800R curve và 85% NTSC colour coverage lớn deliver the perfect balance of comfort và immersion.

Case fan ,CPU Air and Water-Cooling

Gamemax Cooling fan offers the best performance with a low noise level và a stunning look.It"s transparent blades allow the light khổng lồ go through them creating an awesome effect. The Hydraulic Bearing system gives the sản phẩm a longer life and ensure a higher performance.

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Multiple RGB Themes-Keyboard,Mouse & Headsets

Multiple RGB Themes backlights khổng lồ reach the 10 backlits modes, personalized backlight mode can be set up as well,Great for both-Office work và Gaming,The mechanical keyboard is not only good for Gaming, it has been designed khổng lồ be a super typing tool for office work as well.

GameMax Gaming Accessories

A range of RGB light gaming mouse pad and charge station, also Gaming Chair & there is more optional for remote controller or PWM fan hâm mộ speed controller

GameMax AutoBot full aluminum with 4xUSB and rainbow addressable fan, gian lận Gaming chassis with unique aesthetic thiết kế Terrific dream masterpiece, the body of aluminum chassis is processed by CNC machine tools subtly Additional tempered glass dual side panel for expand maximum looing inside & colorful light internal. 4xUSB ports in the font panel easy to extend external setting and USB3.0 high transfer speedCompatible with mainstream hardware components install easier by extreme internal big space. AutoBot come with a PWM+Rainbow controller hub itself, & pre-installed 3x 12cm rainbow fans, which can use build-in over 100 mode of light program, also tư vấn to SYNC with AURA motherboard by software control, make your PC system is more fan!

What kind of technical problems does COC encounter during the development?

What kind of technical problems does COC encounter during the development? (the following nội dung includes excerpts from the first interview with Ms. Rachel, Global sales director of GameMax) 1. Are

Dare to lớn Innovate, Dare lớn collaborate! GameMax new production Show

Dare khổng lồ Innovate, Dare lớn collaborate! GameMax new production ShowGameMax New 2018 range products released lớn show exhibition, Included GameMax new Cases, và Power Supply & Gaming accessories

April 11-14, Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair

April 11-14, Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics FairGlobal Sources Electronics, the world’s largest electronicssourcing trade show in Asia World-Expo,Next to lớn hongkong airport .thefirst phase f

GameMax will show the Gaming case innovation & ARGB products at Computex 2019

GameMax is going lớn present an innovative công nghệ of Gaming Case và a series of ARGB products at Computex 2019 GameMax is going khổng lồ participate in COMPUTEX Taipei 2019 khổng lồ present