'high school of the dead' season 2: everything we know so far


In an interview with Japanese pop culture trang web Comic Natalie, Highschool of the Dead and Triage X manga artist Shoji Sakhổng lồ said that it is "not easy" khổng lồ draw a continuation for Highschool of the Dead, which went on hiatus in 2011 (although a new chapter did debut in 2013). Salớn only drew the artwork and did not write the story.

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Series writer Daisuke Satō passed away in 2017 due to lớn ischemic heart disease. His illness had been the cause of the manga"s hiatus. Shoji Sato lớn mentioned that he often gets comments from overseas fans who are not familiar with the situation, telling hyên to continue the series, and said that "although it pains my heart, too, that the series went on hiatus, just thinking about Daisuke Satō makes me think that I cannot carelessly get involved in ."

Triage X editor Kawanakajima (not his real name) said that, realistically speaking, there is nobody toàn thân in the world who could inherit Daisuke Satō"s vision and continue the story he would have wanted lớn tell. They would need somebody toàn thân who both knew Daisuke Satō"s plans for the rest of the series and had the storytelling abilities lớn exedễ thương them properly.

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Kawanakajima also said: "It"s common overseas for comics and novels to lớn be created by multiple collaborators. For example, the person who first wrote the Perry Rhodan novels has passed away, but the next generation of authors are continuing it. But for Highschool of the Dead, was the one & only, so I"d like overseas fans to lớn understvà that nobody toàn thân else could write it easily."

Although he feels that he cannot draw more of Highschool of the Dead, Shoji Salớn said that he would like to lớn channel some of the series" appeal into his current work Triage X. For example, volume 14 contains a story reminiscent of a zombie apocalypse. Sato lớn said that he would like to lớn make the story & art even more dramatic & ostentatious than Highschool of the Dead.

Highschool of the Dead first began serialization in Fujimày Shobo"s Monthly Dragon Age in 2006. It was adapted into a popular TV anime by Madhouse in 2010. Triage X began serialization in Monthly Dragon Age in 2009, và was adapted into lớn a TV anime by Xebec in năm ngoái. In 2017, Shoji Sato lớn began collaborating with Trinity Seven writer Kenji Sailớn lớn draw a new manga called God Shining Moonlight Howling Moon published in Bessatsu Dragon Age.