Google Play Store UI changed recently and the procedure khổng lồ remove ứng dụng from the play store has been changed. If you are a developer of an tiện ích và want to delete the phầm mềm from the Play Store listing, Google only lets you unpublish the phầm mềm from the Play console.

Steps to remove sầu ứng dụng from play store console

Step 1: Go to chủ & select your developer trương mục by mặc định user will navigate lớn the tiện ích danh mục of their developer. After that, Select the ứng dụng you want khổng lồ Unpublish, In my case, I want khổng lồ unpublish Alan wallpaper so new users can’t tải về the phầm mềm from Play Store.

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So Far you have seen how to remove sầu ứng dụng listing from Google play console lets look into lớn how lớn delete phầm mềm from Google play.

How to lớn delete phầm mềm from google play

Step 1: xuất hiện Google play store on your Smartphone device

Step 2: Navigate lớn My apps & GamesStep 3: Select your installed apps from the các mục, click on unistall.

Can i republish tiện ích the unpublished tiện ích later?

Yes you can republish the ứng dụng later, if you have sầu not changed any changes to lớn App apk tệp tin then no need of đánh giá.

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If I unpublish an ứng dụng will it remove from all the phone?

No. People who still use the installed version of the ứng dụng, they can continue using whereas new people may not able khổng lồ tải về it.

How to completely remove an app menu from Google play console Dashboard?

It’s not possible khổng lồ completely remove sầu an app list from the Google play console, you can only unpublish the tiện ích các mục stays there.

How to lớn remove sầu rejected tiện ích from google play console

yes. You can go lớn the Play console tư vấn page for reference and fill the application.

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