Agree disagree essays


If you are already on board with the IELTS preparation, then you must have sầu noticed that the essays in writing task are quite varied. There are several comtháng types and aước ao them, the most popular is the agree disagree essay in IELTS.

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This is a fairly simple type where you will be presented with an idea or a situation, to lớn which you will have lớn either agree or disagree.

How to lớn Write Agree và Disagree Essay in IELTS Writing Task 2?

You must remember a few tips while structuring this kind of essays:

It is a good idea to completely agree or disagree with the statement in these kinds of questions.This will lead lớn a clear argument and a more coherent essay.You can show the other side of the argument in concession statements, but these should be done only in one or two sentences.You should also not let personal feelings get involved.Pichồng the side that you feel you are most confident about & can back up with explanations and examples.

Here is how you should structure the essay –

Paragraph 1- IntroductionSentence 1- Paraphrase of the questionSentence 2- Thesis statementSentence 3- Outline statementParagraph 2- Main Body Paragraph 1Sentence 1- Topic sentenceSentence 2- Explanation of the topic sentenceSentence 3- ExampleSentence 4- Concession sentenceParagraph 3- Main Body Paragraph 2Sentence 1- Topic sentenceSentence 2- Explain the topic sentenceSentence 3- ExampleSentence 4- Concession sentenceParagraph 4- ConclusionSentence 1- SummarySentence 2- Prediction or recommendation

Sample Format of Agree Disagree Essay for IELTS

Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction.

Do you agree or disagree? Provide relevant examples if necessary.

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Agree Disagree Essay Topic Introduction

Sentence 1- It is often argued that it is more advantageous lớn choose a job with a high wage, even if it doesn’t appeal khổng lồ you at all.Sentence 2 – I completely disagree with this opinion and think that job satisfaction is much more important than salary.Body paragraph 1Sentence 1 – First of all, I believe that job satisfaction gives people a sense of fulfilment that no money can guarantee.Sentences 2-3- Even if someone is earning a high salary but feels tensed & compromises with his conscience, this person won’t enjoy his life. While pursuing one’s interests will always bring pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction.Sentence 4 – For example, a lot of famous researchers made their career choices, not because of appealing wages, but because they were passionate about science.Sentence 5 – That’s why it’s more important to lớn choose the kind of work that makes you happy than khổng lồ look only at a high salary.Body Paragraph 2Sentence 1 – Secondly, doing what you lượt thích keeps you motivated & therefore leads lớn career growth.Sentences 2-3 – In other words, there is a strong relationship between job satisfaction & productivity. People who love sầu their jobs can easily excel in their fields of work and achieve sầu better results than those, who put a salary in the first place.Sentence 4 – For instance, Henry Miller decided to leave sầu his everyday job despite a good wage và ventured to lớn become a writer. And after enduring years of ups and downs, he became one of the most famous and well-paid authors of the twentieth century.Sentence 5 – Thus, the advantages of jobs that keep you satisfied outweigh the drawbaông xã of a low salary in a long-term perspective sầu.Agree Disagree Essay IELTS ConclusionSentence 1- To conclude, I strongly believe sầu that job satisfaction is more beneficial than a high salary.Sentence2- This is because it makes people happy & motivated.

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Sample of an Agree Disagree Essay for IELTS

Question 1:

Governments should spover more money on education than on recreation và sports. Do you agree or disagree?


It is argued that countries should allocate more funds khổng lồ education than to leisure và competitive sầu games. It is agreed that national budgets should prioritise schools and universities over sports and play. This essay will discuss firstly, the economic benefits education can bring to a nation & secondly, the social benefits it has; followed by a reasoned conclusion.

Mid of the Content

Investment in its education system is one of the best ways to improve a country’s economy in the long term. The more students entering third-màn chơi education, the more skilled a workforce will be & this leads to lớn higher innovation and productivity. For example, South Korea and Finland took the decision to invest a large proportion of their budget in education và this has reaped benefits in the khung of high-tech companies such as Samsung and Notê. However, people cannot work hard all the time & these companies bởi provide leisure facilities for their workers.

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Break the Paragraph

Education is not just about improving the economy it also has many social benefits. Well educated people tend khổng lồ be more aware of social evils such as drugs, alcohol và sexual health. For example, Singapore educates all of its citizens on the dangers of drugs and this has resulted in one of the lowest levels of drug abuse in the world. Despite this, sports can also teach children valuable soft skills, such as teamwork và work ethic which also help curb social ills.

Concluding Paragraph

In conclusion, education should take precedence over sports when it comes khổng lồ funding due khổng lồ the many socio-economic benefits it brings. It is recommended that governments continue to lớn pump money inkhổng lồ schools và universities in order to realise long-term goals.

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Sample Agree Disagree Essay Topics Question 2

Most high-cấp độ positions in companies are filled by men even though the workforce in many developed countries is more than 50 percent female. Companies should be required to lớn allocate a certain percentage of these positions khổng lồ women. Do you agree?


It is argued that corporations should be compelled lớn give sầu a certain proportion of their executive-level roles to females given that that over half of the workforce is female in the West. It is agreed that businesses should be obliged lớn assign a significant percentage of top-level posts to women. This essay will discuss firstly, that women should be paid an equal amount of money for doing the same job as a man, and secondly, the fact that girls are currently outperforming boys on many university courses; followed by a reasoned conclusion.

Mid of the Content

Despite years of so-called ‘equal rights’ for women in the workplace they continue to lớn be underpaid. Many women who do exactly the same job as their male colleagues earn less money and this is unfair. For example, a recent survey of accountancy và legal firms in the United Kingdom found that women earn on average 17% less than men with identical roles. However, this may be due khổng lồ women taking maternity leave & falling behind their male counterparts.

Break the Paragraph

This unfairness is compounded by the fact that females are currently getting higher grades in most university courses. Even previously male-dominated fields, such as law & medicine, now see women in the ascendency & they should, therefore, be rewarded with top roles. For example, females recently outperformed males for the first time in law in U.K. universities. Despite this, employers should bear in mind that roles should be handed out on merit, not gender alone.

Concluding Paragraph

In conclusion, women do deserve an equal chia sẻ of the good jobs available, namely because they are capable of doing an equally good job as men và are achieving higher academic standards than men at university. It is recommended that companies heed the advice in this essay and make their hiring practices fairer.


Any essay if approached in the right way turns successful. In IELTS writing, it is important lớn keep in mind that different type of essays needs a different kind of approach. In case of an ‘agree-disagree’ essay, a combination of good structure và proper information is a game-changer. You must therefore spend some time planning & structuring your essay khổng lồ score b& 9 in IELTS Writing.

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