Does kikyo hate kagome? is she stronger than her?

Kagome Vs. Kikyou: Who Was Better For Inuyasha? In Inuyasha, Kagome & Kikyou both have sầu svào bonds with Inuyasha, but one was better overall.

Inuyasha was one of the most prominent animes of the early 2000s, due in part khổng lồ its spot on Adult Swim"s lineup at the time. It ran for 167 episodes before branching off inkhổng lồ a second series called Inuyasha: The Final Act, which covered the rest of the manga & gave the show a proper ending within 26 episodes.

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Inuyasha features a collection of engaging characters và plenty of noteworthy storylines, but there"s one dilemma that fans still argue about lớn this day: the case of Kagome vs. Kikyou. Inuyasha stands at the center of this polarizing love triangle, so let"s break this controversy down & settle it once and for all.

One of Kagome"s biggest disadvantages lies within her age. She entered Feudal Japan as a 15-year-old, still essentially a child with much maturing to vày. Of course, she was forced lớn grow up and tackle countless hardships as the story progresses, but she sat at a very complicated age nonetheless.

On the other hvà, Kikyou was 18 when she died, which might not appear khổng lồ be a drastic difference at first. The truth is, a lot can happen in the span of those three years. Most teenagers have sầu realized the impending doom of adulthood by then and have started lớn evolve in certain ways. Kikyou was also a priestess and had to lớn mature far quicker than other girls, so she effortlessly wins this category.

As silly as it may sound, the fact that Kagome was a living human being was her greatest advantage in this dilemma. Kagome was a reincarnation of Kikyou"s soul, which left the latter in a state similar khổng lồ that of a zombie. Inuyasha was simply never meant lớn have a future with the Kikyou he knew and loved — a fact that the two were incredibly reluctant to lớn accept.

With Kagome being the rebirth of Kikyou, Inuyasha was better off moving on with the human version as opposed lớn pining after a phantom for the rest of his life. After all, it was practically a 2-in-1 khuyến mãi where the protagonist won anyway. Physically speaking, there were only two real people involved in this love sầu "triangle".

The history that Inuyasha và Kikyou shared was unrivaled. She was his first genuine love interest and the two experienced a connection unlike any other. As a matter of fact, Kikyou adored Inuyasha so much that she offered to lớn help hyên ổn shed his demon side & become fully human.

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However, these plans were shattered by the series" main antagonist, Naraku, who was directly responsible for Kikyou"s death. He disguised himself as Inuyasha và critically wounded Kikyou. Then, he disguised himself as Kikyou & attacked Inuyasha. Later on, the real Kikyou used her last bit of energy lớn seal her lover khổng lồ The Sacred Tree. Talk about a wild history!


Kagome was always known to be understanding, compassionate, và incredibly forgiving. She might have sầu been young và inexperienced, but she had a big heart that solidified her as a fan favorite. She loved Inuyasha so much that she actively did her best to lớn understand the perilous situations he found himself in.

Kagome had to lớn khuyến mãi with being second fiddle in Inuyasha"s mind for a long time, yet she always stood by him and their team. Her kind personality was a rare burst of light within their dangerous Feudal universe. Despite various instances of suffering, Kagome remained loyal và generous.

The last thing that Kikyou perceived before dying was that the love sầu of her life had "betrayed" her. She had no way of knowing that it was Naraku"s doing at the time. This chain of events had been out of her control, therefore she still grappled with her feelings for Inuyasha after learning the truth.

She passionately pursued a future even though her soul was not fully intact, reaffirming that her love sầu for hyên was always genuine. They never even had a proper "break-up", so her burning devotion continued to reside within her. If it weren"t for Naraku"s actions, the two would have sought a normal life together.

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Being in Feudal nhật bản meant that Kagome had lớn leave sầu her modern world behind. This included her friends, her family, và her school life. She sacrificed part of her normal childhood to enter a dark and menacing world where she was out of her depth most of the time.

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In a sense, entering Feudal Japan was Kagome"s "fate" so it might not have sầu been her choice entirely, but she handled it better than most people would. At 15, she also had khổng lồ sacrifice her pride and learn lớn accept the role that Kikyou played in her life. All in all, Kagome always had way more lớn thua trận.

While age differences were mentioned earlier, that wasn"t the sole determining factor for Kikyou"s maturity. She was a priestess in her past life, tasked with keeping a sacred jewel safe. Her natural demeanor was more levelheaded and diplomatic. Kikyou knew how to lớn behave under pressure and only lost her cool when her emotions were pushed lớn their limits.

Kagome was the direct antithesis of this. She was impatient, impulsive, & a little annoying. Again, while age did play a small part in this, Kagome never had khổng lồ be anything but an average schoolgirl until she entered Feudal nhật bản. That"s why Kikyou outdoes her in the maturity category.


With Kikyou walking a fine line between ghost & zombie, it was borderline impossible for Inuyasha to lớn expect a future with her. Naraku crushed that possibility for his own selfish reasons, but that should have been the over of their story. Kikyou"s pseudo-revival was never going lớn change that.

Kagome had experienced life as an ordinary teenager & knew what it was lượt thích to lớn lead a normal human life. She could provide Inuyasha with the opportunity that he had originally chased with Kikyou. Not only was this more reasonable, but it was also a fact that simply could not be denied.

As a priestess in charge of defending a powerful jewel, Kikyou was automatically far stronger than Kagome. She was an excellent fighter, a better protector, and miles more cunning than her reincarnation. What little archery skills Kagome had were due to the soul that resided within her.

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On top of that, Kagome was notoriously hesitant when it came to battle or dire situations. She was reluctant in the heat of the moment, which was frustrating for Inuyasha and the rest of their team. She always waited longer than necessary lớn fire an arrow or two, which makes Kikyou the ultimate protective lover.


While a passionate romance & an extensive history might be irreplaceable, common sense & reality are incredibly important. As intense as Kikyou"s presence was in Inuyasha"s life, Kagome was always the only viable option. She was a future that he could rely on, and one that wasn"t teetering on a line between death và being somewhat alive sầu.

Kagome"s age might have sầu been considered a negative factor, but that also meant she had plenty of time to lớn grow & learn. Her natural kindness và loyalty were chất lượng aspects that would only exp& as time passed. After all, Inuyasha was supposed lớn be her feudal fairy tale.

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