Kim Ok Bin is rumored to be the third person to interrupt the marriage of song Joong Ki – tuy vậy Hye Kyo.

Bạn đang xem: 3 years after divorce with song hye kyo, song joong ki has numerous dating rumors and freely expresses his affections for female co

There is even news that tuy vậy Joong Ki has bought his own house khổng lồ live in Kim Ok Bin. He also took Valentine & his "new girlfriend" at a high-class restaurant. Meanwhile, tuy vậy Hye Kyo still lives with her mother at trang chủ in Samseong-dong. There is a lot of information about song Joong Ki pairing with Kim Ok Bin và leaving tuy nhiên Hye Kyo.

Kim Ok Bin's beautiful picture on Asbit Chronicles blockbuster is pretty good.

tuy nhiên Joong Ki and song Hye Kyo continue khổng lồ appear publicly without wedding rings made by rumors yet spread quickly. However, a large number of online communities believe that wearing a wedding ring has nothing to vì with whether the couple is happy or not.

In fact, many couples are happy & never wear rings. Marriage & on the contrary, many stars often wear wedding rings, but they fall into adultery. Most people choose to believe in the good love of tuy vậy Joong Ki and tuy nhiên Hye Kyo's personality.

Staff are accused of exploitation of employee labor

The creation of song Joong Ki's image in the movie has also received a lot of praise.

On April 8, Asadal Chronicles suffered from the Hanbit truyền thông Labor Rights Center (almost translated: Center) Hanbit Labor và Human Rights) not only guarantees working conditions & exploitation of employees doing outside the allowable level. According khổng lồ staff of the Hope Solidarity Labor Federation, many crew members of the crew of the Asadal Chronicles film continue khổng lồ work for a long time. The federation provided feedback that required improvement but the working conditions did not change.

Photo crew in Brunei.

During filming abroad, the staff must work more than đôi mươi hours a day.

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He also said that a member of the lighting group was fractured because he was not despondent but tired of working conditions.

However, some people have given up working hard for a large project lượt thích Asadal Chronicles is understood. Filming in foreign countries is prevented by time và money, so doing so with intensity is common to many film crews.

Only 30 seconds teaser launched with "no wings but fly"

In the official TVN channel, the movie teaser was edited in private mode, just below the first teaser released shortly.

On April 28, Asadal Chronicles launched a 30-second teaser staged fans. Beautiful scenes, the charming backdrop and the molding of cult faces appear to lớn stop the crowd from chaos. However, less than 24 hours published, the latest teaser has been removed from the official TVN channel. This caused fans Asadal Chronicles to lớn sit in the fire because they did not understand the reason behind it?

Can this film be available to lớn the public on January 1st? 06 as expected while đen luck stays in such a persistent way?

Seeking a Korean movie name on the Naver homepage, the latest teaser is gone.

Asadal Chronicles revolves around the lives of people living in the lands of Asadal. From birth, Eun Som (Song Joong Ki) had to lớn accept his prophecy to bring a painting of the kingdom. He was forced lớn leave, then returned lớn Asadal to lớn complete his fortune.

Meanwhile, Ta Gon (Jang Dong Gun) is the anh hùng of Asadal, who brings his dreams to lớn be the first king to hold. Taking the power nguồn of this land.

If you search for keyword in English, the latest movie teaser can not be seen even if it is in search results.

In addition, the appearance of Tanya (Kim Ji Won) – the girl who brought Eun Som's destiny to Taeilha (Kim Ok Bin) – the future queen will completely change her face, bringing more specialties in the battles of ancient Asert lands. The film is expected by many viewers and is expected in 2019.

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