Play Steppenwolf - Chapter 4 - Episode 1 - The Kraken miễn phí online now. Forced khổng lồ continue the quest for the immortality ren, Meg và SteppenWolf journey to Norway to lớn face the Kraken! Traveli... Read the game full mô tả tìm kiếm & instructions.

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Steppenwolf - Chapter 4 - Episode 1 - The Kraken Online Game

Steppenwolf - Chapter 4 - Episode 1 - The Kraken Game Description

Forced to lớn continue the quest for the immortality ren, Meg and SteppenWolf journey to lớn Norway lớn face the Kraken! Traveling by sea, Meg must thwart the evil captain và defuse the bomb! A new Steppenwolf series begins, bởi vì you have sầu what it takes to complete the whole series?

The following keyboard commands are key to your survival:- ARROW KEYS: Walk in the appropriate direction.- SHIFT + ARROW KEYS: Run in the appropriate direction.- CTRL: Short Jump in the current direction- CTRL + SHIFT : Long Jump in the current direction- SPACE: This "ACTION KEY' allows you to lớn interact with the interactive element closest to the character's current position.- T: Toggle the current selected item- I: xuất hiện the Inventory ScreenIn Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures Project, you guide the characters through an interactive sầu series of action and súc tích based puzzles. To succeed, your objectives are to:- Watch the scenes for valuable clues.- Collect inventory items to help you overcome obstacles.- Survive to lớn the over of the episode.To help you along on your quest, the game is divided inkhổng lồ two major components:MAIN GAME SCREEN: Where all the action takes place.INVENTORY SCREEN: Where you access stored information and inventory items.The following onscreen items can be viewed throughout the episodeLIFE GAUGE: Located in the top-left corner, this measures the character's current health levels. If it falls to lớn zero, the game is over.INVENTORY ICON : Located in the top-right corner, clicking on this {or press on the "I" key) gives you access to lớn the INVENTORY SCREEN.SELECTED OBJECT ICON : Located in the bottom-left corner. identifies the currently active sầu inventory object. (Exchange this object with the next one in the menu by pressing "T")GTS SCREEN (Global Tracking System): Located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, the GTS will give you information about your position as well as those of other di động game objects. The GTS must be selected from the inventory to become visible, và is only available when SteppenWolf is the player character.From this page, you can access stored information and inventory items. lưu ý that the game's action is paused while here.MAIL : Cliông chồng on the MAIL button khổng lồ browse from a list of recent gmail messages from various supporting characters. Click on a message lớn read it, or on the paper clip located at its side to look at an attachment. This feature is only available while Meg is the player character.GTS (Global Tracking System): When the GTS is active sầu, the bottom-right part of the main game screen will show the current game map, updated in real time. SteppenWolf is represented by the xanh dot; other creatures & game objects, if any, will be shown in different colors. Use the GTS to look for useful items, avoid dangerous situations or find your way if you are lost. This feature is only available while SteppenWolf is the current player character. ITEMS : When active sầu, you can scroll through the inventory items accumulated since the beginning of the episode. Clicking on an nhà cửa will make it active. Some inventory items can be combined into more elaborate objects by dragging a new thành tựu to lớn the main display window while another thành tựu is active. For example, making an antidote potion may require several ingredients. If you drag a different object to lớn the main display window while it is already showing something else, the two will automatically merge inkhổng lồ one if appropriate. (Otherwise, the new tòa tháp simply replaces the old one as active sầu object.)OK : Returns khổng lồ the MAIN GAME SCREEN.HELP : Returns khổng lồ the game instructions at any time during the episode.QUIT : Leaves the current episode.QUALITY : If the animation is choppy or slow, select a lower image unique.VOLUME : This slider allows you to lớn set the sound volume.

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