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Might và Magic Heroes Online is a free-to-play browser-based đô thị building strategy game with MMORPG elements. The game is based on the widely popular Might và Magic franchise.

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Publisher: UbisoftPlayerbase: MediumType: Strategy RPGRelease Date: September 09, 2014Shut Down Date: December 31, 2020Pros: +Distinct turn-based combat system. +Fully-customizable armies. +Cooperative gameplay.Cons: -Pay to win elements. -Dated graphics và gameplay. -Few classes.

Might và Magic Heroes Online Shut Down on December 31, 2020


Might và Magic Heroes Online Overview

Might & Magic Heroes Online is a free-to-play browser game based on the widely popular Might và Magic franchise. Journey lớn Ashan, a world caught in the middle of a desperate bid for power nguồn between two opposing factions, Haven & Necropolis. Choose your allegiance, take control of your own town, and recruit a powerful army to bring honor & glory lớn your chosen faction on the battlefield. Use tactics và strategy along with a variety of unit types to lớn outwit & outmaneuver NPCs và other players in classic turn-based combat.

Might & Magic Heroes Online Key Features:

Hero Customization personalize your anh hùng by equipping them with items of might và magic.Vast Fantasy Environments explore vast và breathtaking fantasy environments as you journey through a living, breathing fantasy realm.Strategic Turn-Based Combat use the power of your mind to lớn outsmart và outmaneuver your enemies on the battlefield.Multiplayer Combatinvite your friends to fight alongside you & help you take down difficult opponents.

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Might and Magic Heroes Online Featured Video

Might & Magic Heroes Online - Official Trailer
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Might & Magic Heroes Online Classes

Havens Knight/Necropolis Death Knight – Heroes of Might gifted with strong physical damage, good physical defense, & can command huge armies.Haven Cleric/Necropolis Necromancer – Heroes of Magic that use a variety of spells to deal damage to lớn their enemies và can also perform multiple actions in a single round.

Full Review

Might và Magic Heroes Online Review

By Toan Layne

Might and Magic Heroes Online (MMHO) is a free-to-play fantasy-themed 2.5d browser-based MMORPG developed và published by Ubisoft, the third largest independent advertiser of clip games in the world. The game was officially released on September 09, năm trước and is the only browser-based game based on the Might and Magic franchise, a widely popular classic RPG game made for the PC.

MMHO combines elements of MMORPG"s with tactical combat & city-building to lớn create a fun và unique game that’s a breath of fresh air from the usual production-line browser-based MMORPG’s. Players take control of a Hero, choose their alliance from two rival factions, fight each other for glory, build their army khổng lồ defend their kingdom, protect their borders, & bring peace back to the land.

The World of Might và Magic

Before players start their journey through the mythical world of Ashan they first need khổng lồ select their Faction and hero class. Character creation is a simple process of choosing from two pre-made classes for each faction. Players can choose between two opposing factions: Haven, a Holy Empire under the protection of Elrath, the dragon God of Light, or Necropolis, worshipers of the Death aspect of Asha, the Goddess và creator of all. Each faction offers a choice of two nhân vật classes: Might, with strong physical attacks, & Magic, ranged spell users.

Upon arrival in Ashan players receive their first troops và immediately fight their first battle. This acts as a quick tutorial on the basics of the game’s turn-based combat system, including troop movement và attacking. After the short battle, a portal takes players to their respective starting cities depending on their faction. Players then go through another tutorial on the game’s thành phố building aspect where players create their first towns and are walked through the process of building structures and recruiting troops.

The trò chơi features classic graphics similar to lớn what players would expect to lớn find in older Might and Magic games or other strategy games made for older systems like Windows XP or the Playstation. The graphics work well with the game’s turn-based combat system & even gives a kind of Diablo-ish vibe. Like most browser-based MMORPGs, the sounds are good but start lớn feel a bit repetitive the longer you play the game.

Going to Town

Like other city-building and strategy games, Towns in MMHO are where players recruit troops that they use in battle. Players can build and expand more than one Town in MMHO but only one Town per province can be built. Khổng lồ be able khổng lồ build additional Towns, players must explore và discover additional provinces. Only the player can see và visit their towns và can’t be seen or attacked by other players. Towns are represented on the province maps by a gate that players can click on khổng lồ access their Towns.

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The player’s first Town starts with the three main structures pre-built: the Town Hall, Dwellings, & the Garrison. Successive Towns, however, have to be built from scratch. The Town Hall controls the form size of the player’s town since other buildings and structures can only be leveled up lớn the Town Hall’s level. Upgrading the Town Hall not only increases the cấp độ cap of other buildings but also unlocks additional building slots as well as new types of buildings. Players can also collect additional gold—the main game currency—from their Town Halls apart from the Gold that can be collected from Gold Mines.

Players also need to lớn build Dwellings, where they can recruit fresh troops. Each unit type requires a specific type of dwelling to be built. However, only one dwelling can be built per town. Upgrading Dwellings increases unit capacity và reduces the time needed to lớn recruit new units.

The Garrison is where players can customize their army. Players can change their unit composition depending on the situation of the enemy’s army. Players can keep any extra & unused units in the Garrison for later use. Upgrading the Garrison will increase the unit capacity that can be stored in it. Players can have up lớn six troop slots which can accommodate up lớn 150 units of the same type.

Worker’s Halls are buildings that house units that gather gold, metal, or wood around the province where the Town is located. Parts of the player"s Province can be attacked and conquered by NPCs & must be regularly checked và freed if captured. Once a part of the province is captured, players won’t be able to lớn collect resources produced by that province. The màn chơi of a player’s Worker’s Halls affects the building’s production time và storage capacity. While a player’s Town can’t be attacked by other players, the Worker’s Hall is a different story. A player’s Worker’s Halls can be seen & attacked by other players on the Province Map. Attacking another player rewards winners with additional resources while losers gain nothing.


MMHO offers two different types of quests: story quests và daily quests. Story quests move the story along and are different for each faction. They can only be done once throughout the game. Successfully completing Story quests unlocks new provinces & also rewards players with bounties like gold, equipment, & experience. Daily quests, on the other hand, can be done repeatedly & are found all over Ashan. Daily quests reward players with resources and experience points upon completion.

Call lớn Arms

Each faction in MMHO comes with its own type of Troops. They can, however, be classified into three basic groups: Core, Elite, và Champion troops. Chip core troops are basic units và the first unit type that players will have access to at the start of the game. They aren’t the strongest units but players are able to lớn take a large number of these troops in battle. Elite units are more advanced troops that can giảm giá greater damage khổng lồ enemies. Lastly, Champions are unit types that possess both power and endurance. They can sustain high levels of damage while also dishing out their own. Players, however, can only have a handful of these units in their party.

Combat in MMHO is turn-based and happens in a grid-like battlefield similar to the earlier Might & Magic games & games like Final Fantasy Tactics. Each unit type can only move a set number of “steps” in a given direction. After moving, they can then attack an enemy within range or wait for the next turn lớn move again. The last army standing wins the match. During combat, players can continue to train units to lớn provide them with reinforcements. Players can battle solo using their buổi tiệc nhỏ or invite their friends lớn join in và help them out. Unit and anh hùng levels are also automatically adjusted in cooperative play khổng lồ take into tài khoản the different player levels and give both teams equal footing.

Sudden Death

MMHO offers players a chance to kiểm tra out their tactics against other players through PvP arena duels. Players battle each other for rankings in the PvP leagues and the bragging rights that come with it. The best players from the leagues receive valuable prizes at the kết thúc of each season which last for a month. Players are matched according to anh hùng level, equipment, the strength of their army, & the player’s PvP record. Unlike normal combat, players can’t train units during PvP matches. This prevents the match from dragging on for too long. PvP matches also go into Sudden Death Mode after a certain time has passed. The team with the most units after the time expires wins the match.

MMHO Cash Shop

Like most F2P games, MMHO features a cash cửa hàng where players can use real-world money to purchase equipment, potions, gold and nhân vật Seals. Hero Seals can be used khổng lồ buy additional character slots, revive dead units, spy on enemy troops and much more. Spending real world-money allows players to progress faster through the trò chơi with a lot less effort. That being said, MMHO is still a strategy game and, in my opinion, premium items can give players advantage but when it comes down lớn it, skills, tactics, & strategy still play a big part in achieving victory.

The Final Verdict - Good

Might and Magic Heroes Online is a good addition lớn Ubisoft’s Might & Magic franchise. The trò chơi has a classical feel reminiscent of old Might and Magic games that will definitely appeal lớn fans of the franchise. In my opinion, the game’s turn-based tactical combat is the game’s best feature. This type of combat never gets old & is always good for at least a few hours of entertainment. Definitely a game worth trying out.


Might & Magic Heroes Online Links

Might and Magic Heroes Online Official SiteMight và Magic Heroes Online Wikia Might & Magic Heroes Online Steam

System Requirements

Might and Magic Heroes Online Requirements

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8CPU: hãng intel Pentium 4 or AMD EquivalentVideo Card: Any Graphics thẻ (Integrated works well too)RAM: 512 MBHard Disk Space: 100 MB (Cache)

Might & Magic Heroes Online is a browser based MMO and will run smoothly on practically any PC. The trò chơi was tested & works well on mạng internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox và Chrome. Any modern web-browser should run the game smoothly.

Additional Info

Might & Magic Heroes Online Additional Information

Developer: UbisoftPublisher: xanh Byte

Release Date: September 09, 2014

Shut Down Date: December 31, 2020

Development History / Background:

Might và Magic Heroes Online (MMHO) is a free-to-play fantasy-themed 2.5d browser-based MMORPG developed & published by Ubisoft, the third largest independent advertiser of video clip games in the world. The trò chơi was officially released on September 09, 2014 and is the only browser-based game based on the Might and Magic franchise, a widely popular classic RPG trò chơi made for the PC.

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