There are many people using smartphones with app android operating systems. Và they also consider a popular phone line. More & more features, or very interesting tips to help users experience better & more enjoyable.

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And changing the status bar color on your apk device is also one of the cool extra features that help you make a difference for your device. The following article of Super Status Bar phone repair center will guide you on how khổng lồ change the status bar color on your app android device to make the difference for your device.

Don’t you lượt thích the icons that come standard? You can change them lượt thích the interface, the navigation menu buttons, the wallpapers, and other buttons. You can even change the status bar lớn your liking with applications like the Super Status Bar. We’ve tested it và cannot vị anything but recommend this exceptional app.

General Information

Surely, many users of Android-based devices want lớn own a Status Bar similar lớn the ios operating system. It brings a fresh look or a new và more attractive interface. Best of all, many users are fans of the ios operating system but bởi not own this táo khuyết device. And with this article, we give apk users the ability lớn turn their boring Status Bar into a Status Bar with an iOS-like interface with Super Status Bar. It meets the needs of innovation or novelty for android operating systems.

The Super Status Bar phầm mềm is a great customizing tool for your status bar. It allows you to convert the status bar of any android into a very complete phối of tools. You can turn off the screen with a touch, vary the brightness by sliding, press & hold to lớn take a screenshot, và dozens of other options.

Mostly, the Super Status Bar acts as a replacement for the status bar that overlaps the existing status bar. Apk is not practical for customizing its appearance and functions. There is no similar di động operating system.

With just a few simple installation and cài đặt steps in this article, users can customize the Status Bar interface on their device, to change the wind a little, make their device look more interesting, & surprise more people. Come experience with us.

How to lớn Use a Super Status Bar?

The first thing you have to bởi vì is install the application. Once installed and open, activate it. & for this, click Enable in the menu as you can see it in the image. Once this is done, the magic begins.

On the one hand, you can change the background of the notification bar. & it is very simple, you just have to lớn click on General, & then another menu will open. Click on set Custom Background & finally on Select Image.

To change the style of the layout itself, we will have to lớn click on Advanced. & then select Custom. With this app, we can choose between different options such as the classic bar and the custom bar. Then put it to lớn our enjoying changing, site icons for example, or changing the phông of the date, for example. The developer promises future updates with additional features khổng lồ get even more out of our notification bar & how to lớn customize it.

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Special Features

Super Status Bar raises the extreme customization of the upper part of the screen. That area is called the status bar. It has that name because it is the portion of the screen that shows the status of the sản phẩm điện thoại or tablet such as what notifications have arrived or if Wi-Fi or bluetooth không dây is connected. It also shows the remaining battery & also what time it is. & you can vì chưng much more with this tiện ích we recommend.

The ứng dụng needs two somewhat delicate permissions khổng lồ function. It is access lớn system customization và accessibility, although they are also essential. Once you have it, it is possible lớn customize the status bar both in appearance và indirect actions.

These features range from turning off the screen or changing the brightness lớn changing the native icons for those of iOS, for example. Not all the functions are free since. Super Status Bar is a freemium phầm mềm with the Premium option through an in-app purchase.

Among all the customizations to be made, Super Status Bar stands out for the following features:

Use gestures: we can apply Actions khổng lồ swipe, tap, hold, và more. These actions range from launching an application to changing system options, such as shutting down.Icon customization: Super Status Bar allows you khổng lồ change the appearance of the status icons, including their shape và color.Slide to adjust options: Swiping your finger from left to right across the vị trí cao nhất of the di động can vary the brightness or sound. For example, you just have to lớn choose this option from the app.Text notification: You can get the status bar khổng lồ show incoming text notifications.

The application allows you to customize a myriad of functions, both in kích hoạt and in design. Also, the thiết kế of the tiện ích itself is super successful. It is easy khổng lồ use, powerful and includes many features without paying a penny. It has no ads and the price khổng lồ get the ‘Premium’ is competitive. We recommend it since it will surely be useful to lớn you.


Final Words

The most fearless game android users have always wanted to change và customize every aspect related khổng lồ this operating system. Super Status Bar gian lận APK will allow you to lớn change the graphics and layout of the upper horizontal bar. Otherwise, many people also offer you the option lớn set a background for the bar only.

The tiện ích is still in the testing phase and only supports some features mentioned above. However, following the word of the developers, we can expect that future versions of Super Status Bar will offer many more features such as customizable icons and an active notification counter.

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