All Might is the invincible Symbol of Peace. While he has inspired many heroes to lớn step forward, his legacy has left just as many stains on society.

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My nhân vật Academia has made a huge impression on worldwide fans, & it is in no small part because of its supporting cast. The most impressive image is without a doubt that of All Might. The highly-respected Symbol of Peace is Izuku Midoriya’s mentor, having chosen the protagonist of the anime as the next user of One For All. His influence on the world of My hero Academia is incredibly complex, shaping mentalities, hopes, and dreams at a societal level.

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He changes destinies simply through the act of existing & giving people hope. His influence và choices don’t always lead lớn perfect results, but that’s what makes him so special. More than a Symbol, he is also very human, and someone who attempts lớn carry a burden too heavy to lớn bear.


When Toshinori Yagi first approaches Nana Shimura, he is only a Quirkless young man with a dream. He believes the people need a symbol, someone who will make them feel safe. Nana is impressed by Toshinori’s grand ideals and makes him her successor, the next user of One For All.

Nana is subsequently killed by the powerful villain All For One, but Toshinori doesn’t give up. After graduating from U.A., he briefly moves to lớn America và grows more & more as a hero, eventually accomplishing his dream of becoming the Symbol of Peace.


Throughout his time as a hero, All Might takes on numerous difficult threats. First in America, then, after his return, in Japan, numerous villains fall lớn All Might’s strength. The crime rate of nhật bản significantly goes down throughout his time as the Symbol of Peace. Through every life he saves, All Might leaves his mark on the world.

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A notable example is Cathleen Bate. The United States of America’s Number One Hero, Cathleen is known under the name Star and Stripe & models both her career and her goals after All Might, having been saved by him when he was only a foreign exchange student in America. His heroism finds a real echo in the young girl who would later stand against Tomura Shigaraki.


Cathleen isn’t an isolated case of a young person following All Might’s example. Perhaps unsurprisingly, All Might’s unfaltering strength makes many young people practically worship him. Inspiring và steadfast, he is society’s pillar, và as such, numerous children want lớn be just lượt thích him.

While certainly not the only hero who is influential in the upbringing of the next generation, he is without a doubt the one who makes the most difference. One example is, of course, Izuku Midoriya, who watches All Might’s debut đoạn phim almost obsessively, but Katsuki Bakugou is just as passionate.


All Might provides many contributions to lớn the stability and happiness of society, but everything comes at a cost. He is the Number One hero for decades and, as such, he shapes society’s perspective on what a hero truly means. His powerful emitter Quirk may have encouraged the emphasis placed by heroics on similar flashy Quirks, with other, subtler abilities being ignored.

This may have been particularly harmful lớn disadvantaged classes lượt thích those with mutant và villainous Quirks or the Quirkless. Seeing someone as strong và perfect as All Might being so popular would have made a regular person look down on people who don’t fit that image. It is perhaps ironic that Izuku Midoriya chooses a role mã sản phẩm who may have indirectly made his life more difficult.

Because of All Might’s popularity, fellow heroes find it practically impossible to surpass him. Most don’t even make the attempt, but the sole exception is Endeavor. His fruitless efforts make Enji eventually go into a Quirk marriage, all for the purpose of creating an heir that would defeat All Might.

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Enji’s abuse of his family would eventually lead to lớn his oldest son, Touya, becoming the villain Dabi. While All Might is certainly not responsible for Endeavor’s choices, he influences the course of Endeavor’s life, & through him, those of his children.

All Might isn’t just a role mã sản phẩm for heroes, be they students or Pros. He is also highly respected by villains. While originally a heroics student, Chizome Akaguro soon becomes disenchanted and disgusted with what becoming a hero involves. He eventually chooses the path of villainy under the name the nhân vật Killer Stain. His role is lớn purge society of those he perceives as "fakes," và the sole anh hùng he sees as genuine is All Might.

Even if Stain is a murderous fanatic, the rise of his ideals is a consequence of the general corrupt state of nhân vật society. But All Might may have played a significant role in Stain’s formative years. Stain may have compared every single anh hùng with the Symbol of Peace, only to lớn find them lacking. Lượt thích in Endeavor’s case, Stain’s attacks aren’t All Might’s fault, but they are an example of a less ideal way All Might influenced the world.

After Nana’s death, All For One remained All Might’s worse enemy. The closeness between Nana và All Might makes All For One hunt down Tenko Shimura. The child, abused by his father for his heroic dreams, accidentally kills his family when his Quirk Decay first manifests.

But many fans speculate that Tenko may have been Quirkless, và Decay was actually given to lớn him by All For One. In the aftermath of the death of the Shimuras, All For One takes Tenko in & nurtures his violent impulses. Through his manipulations, Nana Shimura’s grandchild becomes Tomura Shigaraki, All For One doing it primarily to spite All Might.

All Might’s heroism is both his greatest unique and his worst flaw. While his unfaltering determination is admirable, it also means he fails lớn prepare the world for his retirement. Severely wounded by All For One, he is aware that he doesn’t have much time left but keeps it a secret from almost everyone.

His desire khổng lồ continue protecting people is understandable, và no one would have truly been capable of standing against All For One during the Kamino Incident. Even so, it is irresponsible of him lớn not be aware of the effects his fall would have. After he retires, anh hùng society becomes unstable, và it is something Dabi & Tomura Shigaraki happily exploit.

Realizing he needs to lớn pass on the baton khổng lồ the next generation, All Might picks Izuku Midoriya as his successor. While many may have deemed other choices, lượt thích Mirio Togata, more logical, Izuku becoming All Might’s successor undoubtedly affects the course of the world.

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He is the only successor who manages to lớn awaken the full potential of One For All, becoming capable of standing against Tomura Shigaraki even at his most monstrous. Mirio would have certainly been an excellent hero with One For All, but he may have never reached such heights. If nothing else, the Quirk would have killed him simply because he had his own ability, Permeation, before.

All Might has many qualities, but being a good teacher isn’t one of them. On the contrary, his mentorship of Izuku often doesn’t vị the young anh hùng much good and drives Izuku lớn make uninspired choices. But All Might learns as he teaches, và particularly after his fall, he dedicates himself khổng lồ becoming a better mentor.

It is in fact the thought of his student that gives All Might the strength khổng lồ deliver the final attack that takes down All For One. Even if he is now retired và Quirkless, he still shares his experience with the young heroes of Class 1-A, assisting them to build a new future.


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