Arena of valor nakroth guide: how to become an advanced nakroth

Heya! Somehow got a bit bored of making blocks of texts so I opted for a quiông xã guide this time. This was contributed by LS Darko from Squirrel Nation. If you're liking my content so far, please Like my Facebook page. Any suggestions and/or contributions are welcome btw. Just liên hệ me via DM here or thru FB. Please tư vấn my colleagues too. ChaosSquirrel & IzaqPlays.

Thanks! Best of luông chồng in your RG's!

EDIT: link khổng lồ a more eye-friendly version

Love sầu the concept. Great content!

My only "issue" is the fonts as it initially turned me off. I guess regular "blocky" text would be better than the "chiller"-like text? Or maybe the colors are off? I can't really put my finger on it.

But don't let that detract from the nice content. I saved the image khổng lồ my phone for future reference (as I'm trying to learn how lớn Jungle).