The longest league of legends games in history

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Jin Air Green Wings 2 - SK Telecom T1 1

The Jin Air Green Wings took down SK Telecom T1 at the over of a heroic & historic effort Saturday in the final trò chơi of the first week of the 2018 LCK Spring Split in South Korea.Editor"s Picks

The series highlighted exactly how much more effective the current Jin Air lineup is than its predecessors. The introduction of Ji-min "Wraith" Kwon into the lineup allowed Jin Air"s bottom lane to lớn match SKT"s during the laning phase, which had an extreme effect on a matchup that previously was defined by Jin Air"s laughable early game. Without the need lớn play from a constant deficit on the bottom side, Jin Air could finally unleash its secret weapon, AD carry Jin-seong "Teddy" Park.

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Teddy"s performance in this series defied description, and will forever stand as one of, if not the best performance by an ADC in the history of the LCK. He single handedly carried his team into the late game all three games, và in two of those three games did so with enough vigor to lớn propel his team over the finish line. That"s heroic enough in any other series, but this series also ended on a record-shattering game that truly tested the resolve of every single player on the Rift.

SKT took early control of trò chơi 3 and looked lớn be in an insurmountable position, but Teddy"s Sivir held them at cất cánh practically by himself for an awe-inspiring 60 minutes. Jin Air"s first inhibitor fell before the 30-minute mark, but it would take almost another full hour for the game to reach its conclusion, an hour that was full of farming, farming, và even more farming. Easily shattering the record for longest game in professional League of Legends history, four different players all broke the LCK all-time CS record, but none with the force of Teddy, whose 1500 CS (creep score) at the kết thúc of the game was more than double the previous record. In the end, his farming definitely paid off, as a few fortunate picks onto Sang-hyeok "Faker" Lee gave Jin Air the chance to not only leave its base after the longest siege in the history of League of Legends, but also opened the door for a gutsy final push that saw Jin Air take the series.

The Jin Air Green Wings will next face down the beleaguered MVP at 3:00 a.m. On Wednesday. SKT T1"s next match will be the much-beloved Telecom Wars against KT Rolster at 6:00 a.m. On the same day.

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--James Bates

KT Rolster 2 - MVP 0

KT Rolster found its first victory of the 2018 LCK Spring Split on Saturday when it took down MVP at the kết thúc of a two trò chơi series at the OGN studio in South Korea.

While the victory was surely a sweet one after KT Rolster"s unexpected và embarrassing defeat at the hands of Afreeca earlier in the week, it was still far from a convincing one for a team that many have hyped as the vị trí cao nhất contenders for the LCK Spring title. There were glaring mistakes on display in both of the two games, especially when it came time lớn enter the mid & late game, where KT Rolster proved that it still has yet to solve the discipline issues that have dogged them since their creation.

The most glaring offender was đứng đầu laner tuy nhiên "Smeb" Kyung-ho, who overextended on the regular throughout both games and threw away advantageous positions more times than KT fans must be comfortable with. While some of those overextensions may be forgivable considering the unorthodox nature of MVP"s compositions -- its extremely backline heavy-composition in game 2 featuring a Nidalee và Zilean was exceptionally crafty -- but many of his deaths were inexcusable by any metric, such as when he dove into all of MVP 1-vs-4 in game 1 while in mini-Gnar form, & promptly threw away his team"s chance lớn take a Baron and quick victory. Such mistakes might seem minute, especially seeing as KT Rolster did inevitably sweep the series, but it"s these very same mistakes that have kept this KT Rolster squad from reaching its sky-high potential.

KT Rolster"s next match will take place at 6:00 a.m. On Wednesday, where it once again will face off against SKT T1 in the next installment of the much-beloved Telecom Wars. MVP, on the other hand, will next take lớn the Rift against the Jin Air Green Wings at 3:00 a.m. The same day.

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