'sword art online' to get netflix live action treatment from 'altered carbon' creator

Sword Art Online: 10 Actors Who Should Play The Main Characters In A Live-Action Movie If Sword Art Online were khổng lồ receive a live-action adaptation, these actors should play the characters.

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Sword Art Online would make a great live-action movie. The amazing costumes and action-packed storyline would translate so well to the big screen with real actors bringing the characters khổng lồ life.

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With so many awesome characters lớn interpret, and so many amazing actors out there that would vì a great job with any of them, it’s hard not lớn get excited at the idea of fan-casting. Here are 10 actors who would make great live-action versions of Sword Art Online’s main characters.

Cole Sprouse is best known as a child actor who managed lớn break the Disney Channel curse và continue to have a career post-Suite Life of Zack and Cody, và without needing to have his twin beside him to boot. Now Cole can be seen each week as the broody Jughead on Riverdale. Jughead and Kirito are pretty similar characters who have a lot on their minds, and seem to approach the world with a pretty serious outlook. It seems Cole would vì a great job bringing that Jughead smolder to lớn Kirito.

Rowan Blanchard did a turn as the incredibly likable main character on Girl Meets World. She’s grown up a lot since then, but her sweet, child-like face hasn’t gone anywhere, & she has a radiant smile that can light up a room.

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Paired with Asuna’s kindness và willingness to lớn help, Rowan would put those nice girl acting chops to good use and take on a whole new kind of character than what she’s used to lớn playing.

Millie Bobby Brown is everyone’s favorite telekinetic teenager, Eleven, on Stranger Things. But it’s about time she branched out và tried her hand at some different kinds of roles. She’d bởi vì great as Sinon, the sweet-faced, calm, cool, and collected companion of Kirito and Asuna. She’d even look awesome with the blue hair that Sinon has in the game.

7 Sophia Lillis As Leafa

Leafa is a fun character that could have many different actresses play her in a live-action film.

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Sophia Lillis seems like a great choice for this kind of character, since she has the same elf-like face as Leafa. We’ve seen her stretch her acting chops in movies like IT and Nancy Drew, so she definitely has the range to take on something a little different.

Ty Simpkins made his name in big-budget kích hoạt movies lượt thích Iron Man 3 & Jurassic World. So he’d fit right into a movie version of Sword Art Online. Eugeo và Ty have similar coloring so they already look alike, & beyond that, the personalities of the characters Ty has already played are not so different from Eugeo: kind, timid, & having lớn learn to lớn stick up for himself.

5 Zendaya As Alice Zuberg

Zendaya would make a great Alice. She’s already taken a turn as a character in a big-budget comic book movie as MJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man films, so she definitely has the experience to bởi something action-oriented & more fantasy-based.

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Zendaya has the chops lớn pull off really incredible costumes, as seen every year at the Met Gala, so she’d have no trouble at all being at trang chủ in Alice’s spectacular costume.

Mackenzie Foy is best known for playing Clara in The Nutcracker & the Four Realms, the Disney rehash of the famous ballet. In the film, she has to lớn use her wits & guts to lớn figure out how lớn save the Four Realms và get home to her family at Christmas. It’s a great expansion of Clara’s part, who is usually more of a passive participant in the goings-on, và makes her a great choice for the fiery và motivated Lisbeth.

3 Caleb Mclaughlin As Klein

Caleb Mclaughlin is also one of the beloved main characters from Stranger Things, where he is constantly put-upon but does his best to lớn be supportive of his friends.

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Klein, who is cheerful & forgiving above all things, would be a great choice for Caleb since this kind of character is already in his wheelhouse.

Dakota Goyo has already done a turn in a fantasy action movie, playing the child version of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so he’s already well-versed in wearing a weird costume và being immersed in this kind of world. While he’s good-looking, he also has a face that’s well-suited to lớn playing villains, và Nobuyuki is definitely the most villainous of villains. The combination of handsome and slightly sinister makes Dakota a great choice for this role.

1 Dafne Keen As Yui

Dafne Keen is another actor who has spent a lot of time in fantasy and comic book worlds, & therefore would be a great choice to place a character in Sword Art Online. She plays Laura in Logan opposite Hugh Jackman, and also Lara (a coincidentally very similarly named character) in HBO’s His Dark Materials adaptation. Her slight frame & small features make her a great choice for playing the sweet AI, Yui, who just wants to lớn see happy people in the game.

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