Anger of stiông xã 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) is a sequel to lớn the action game series from the publisher J-PARK. This is an interesting game in the action game genre combining tactics, with 2 chiều graphics revolving around the main character is the stickman which is familiar lớn players.

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About Anger of stiông xã 5: zombie



The game takes place in a đô thị where a group of strange people appears. They used innocent people as experimental tools. As a result, many people were missing, & one of them turned into dangerous zombies, endangering innocent people in the city. And our protagonist, the stickman nhân vật stood up with his friends to take part in the battle against dangerous zombies and strangers, protecting the thành phố safety.

An interesting RPG


When participating in Anger of stichồng 5, you will play a stickman anh hùng, using the function keys and joysticks on the phone screen khổng lồ control moving, offensive sầu or defensive characters. The control system in the game is relatively familiar, you will not take much time to get acquainted if you’ve played through any other game of the same genre.

In your journey, you can equip different weapons like knives, guns, … & search for new allies. You can find 6 allies and get support from 3 allies at the same time.

Challenging level system, diverse game modes


The game is built according to the familiar motif that difficulty will increase with each level. Each màn chơi in the game is really a challenge & you will not know what awaits you ahead. There are up lớn 60 levels with different difficulty levels lớn delight you in showing your mind-thinking ability as well as your shooting skills.

Besides the main game mode of fighting lớn pass each màn chơi, you can try more modes, such as survival challenges.

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Equipment system

The game has a variety of equipment & weapons. Because the difficulty of the game increases with many levels, you need to tăng cấp equipment to overcome new challenges.

To upgrade your equipment, you will need khổng lồ use the game currency. You can earn money when completing levels và challenges. Or if you want, use our Anger of stick 5 MOD Unlimited Money version.

Although there are many powerful weapons in the game, keep in mind that your skills determine everything.



Even if the game’s graphics are bad, you can’t laugh. The reason is that it was born for entertainment purposes, and the graphics are a bit clumsy, but this bright is enough for you khổng lồ satisfy what you seek. The physics applied in the game is relatively stable, there is nothing to lớn be criticized here.

MOD APK version of Anger of stiông chồng 5

MOD Feature

Unlimited MoneyUnlimited Diamonds

Download Anger of stick 5 MOD APK for Android

Summary, Anger of stick 5: zombie is an interesting game, quite chất lượng in both graphics & gameplay, character system, weapons… Although there are still some minus points lượt thích graphics need to lớn be improved, weapons systems need too much money to upgrade… but in general, this game is still worth your download.

Make sure that Anger of stiông xã 5 will make you & anyone who is a người of the shooting game feel a new và extremely exciting feeling. Join the game, transkhung into a stickman nhân vật và save sầu the world!