Angry Birds Space Game Review


They’re again back once again with an Alien Invasion. After a successful release of the Angry Birds game years baông chồng, Rovio has enjoyed the success they have sầu made in the Mobile and PC industry with the craze for the popular game, Angry Birds. Rovio has just launched a New Game called Angry Birds Space. Rovio quote as saying:

The chase is on! After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it inlớn a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs!

Fortunately this time, these series of Angry Birds have sầu their own super powers. Angry Birds Space new game initiates you into new adventures on the planets & in nought gravity, ensuing in spectacular game play which ranges from slow-motion puzzles to a light speed destruction.

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The new Angry Birds Space game comes with brvà birds, brand new superpowers, with an access to lớn the galaxy for them to lớn explore around và there is no limit to lớn the sky for them anymore! The game featuring the new DANGER ZONE which is the most dangerous of all Angry Birds games levels since the existence of the game.

Can you go beyond the Danger Zone?

I guess you can’t but time will tell when you begin to play the game. The game has been launched few days baông chồng and its trial version is available for download from the Rovio Store with limited playing levels. In the game, you may need health, but on how to lớn restore men’s health in life, read on the However, you can get access to all the other levels by purchasing the full version of the game.

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You’re gonmãng cầu experience this game courtesy of without paying a single penny for this game!

I have nice tricks to lớn chia sẻ with you below which will show you how lớn play the game without paying money to lớn play it. Check it out here below.

Quick Key Features of Angry Birds Space Game

60 Interstellar LevelsBrvà New BirdsRegular Free Game UpdatesBr& New SuperpowersZero-Gravity Space AdventuresTrichồng Shots using the power of Planet’s GravityHidden Bonus LevelsMagnificently in depth BackgroundsAnd more……….

 Chechồng out the New Birds below