That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2


With the help of Queen Ramiris, the children are now in stable condition & should lead normal lives, much khổng lồ Rimuru’s relief. But all is not well… In fact, there are forces of humankind in this fantasy world that vị not look kindly upon a slime-led nation of monsters. & now, insidious threats to Rimuru and the country of Tempest may be lurking around every corner!






I, the protagonist, was just an ordinary high school girl, but suddenly I was reincarnated as a spider quái thú in a fantasy world. Not only that, but I awakened in a dungeon filled with vicious monsters. Armed with only my human knowledge and my overwhelming positivity, I"m forced to lớn use spiderwebs and traps lớn defeat far stronger monsters just khổng lồ stay alive... So begins the labyrinth survival story of a girl with incredible mental strength living as one of the lowest-ranked beasts!

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On the night his favorite MMORPG is scheduled lớn be shut down, veteran player Momonga stays logged in until the clock hits zero. The screen goes dark for only a few moments before he finds himself completely immersed in the online world of Yggdrasil. Left with all of his character’s devastating powers, total dominion over his loyal NPCs, & nothing better lớn do… Momonga decides khổng lồ try his hand at taking over the world. All the hours he’s spent grinding và dungeon crawling have certainly paid off, và as he tests his strength on local rogues & legendary beasts he comes lớn realize that not one opponent can stand against his might. Embracing his new identity as the fearsome mage Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga continues his tìm kiếm for bigger, badder adversaries. Leaving the people of Yggdrasil to lớn wonder who exactly is trapped with who?

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With over đôi mươi million players worldwide, Elder Tale is one of the hottest online RPGs. At least, it used to be only a game, until the fateful day that tens of thousands of players became stuck in the virtual world, unable khổng lồ log out. For these would-be knights, healers and magicians, Elder Tale is no longer a hobby, it’s a reality, complete with tasteless in-game food, revivals upon death, & boring NPC conversations! With no other options than lớn accept their fates, the analytical Shiroe, perverted-and-proud Naotsugu, tiny và adorable Akatsuki và other new friends must adjust lớn their new lives in Elder Tale, avoiding player killers & monsters along the way!

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Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games & manga, suddenly finds himself summoned khổng lồ a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, & betrayed. With no one khổng lồ turn to, and nowhere khổng lồ run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield anh hùng and save the world!

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With the subjugation of the Principality of Amidonia accomplished, Souma, the provisional king, begins the post-war cleanup process with his next move, Project Lorelei. It is an entertainment program that uses the Jewel Voice Broadcast. It was originally only thought that this program would amuse the people of the Kingdom, but it is being broadcast in occupied Van, too. What does Souma hope khổng lồ accomplish with that...?! Then, when Souma takes some time off to lớn rest in the capital of Amidonia, Van, with Juna and Tomoe, he encounters Jeanne Euphoria, the younger sister of the Empress of the Gran Chaos Empire. What sort of "negotiation" does the "realistic" Jeanne, who supports her idealistic sister, have in store for Souma...?!

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The second season of Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy.

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Suddenly summoned lớn a fantasy world and betrothed to lớn the princess, Kazuya Souma is crowned the new king after providing the royal family with impressive advice. To lớn rule the kingdom, he"s taking the nontraditional (and very human) route of administrative reform. In a realm of dragons và elves, will this revolutionary"s chất lượng path prove effective?

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In a rotted away castle, Ashta awoke as a Demon King. With his wisdom from a past life, he would rule over his lands as a thorough realist. “Demon King, why are you attacking the màn chơi 1 Heroes?” “Defeat them before they become stronger. That is called strategy.” “Demon King, why are you sending nhái money khổng lồ the enemy country?” “To bring chaos khổng lồ their economy so they will self-destruct.” “The werewolf troops have attacked. Should we use silver bullets?” “Not bullets, shoot them with canons.” And lượt thích that, Ashta ‘reformed’ the old tendencies. He became a lord who was loved by the people và his subordinates & would go on to lớn be called the most powerful Demon King in history.

TagsActionFantasySeinenDemon KingDemonsIsekaiKingdom BuildingMagicManagementModern KnowledgeNon-Human ProtagonistsPast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldPoliticalReincarnationIsekai Mokushiroku Mynoghra: Hametsu no Bunmei de Hajimeru Sekai SeifukuVol: 3+; Ch: 16+Comic Walker2020 - ?

I reincarnated as an evil god. Ira Takuto succumbed khổng lồ illness at a young age và ended up reincarnating in a world that resembled the strategy simulation game, "Eternal Nations", of which he loved playing when alive. What appeared in front of him was Atou, a girl belonging lớn the evil civilization that he used lớn play as, "Mynoghra". The two of them decided lớn create a new country in this world once again.

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By the will of a whimsical goddess, the seventy-second Demon King Astaroth has been reincarnated lớn rule alongside a chaotic mixture of humans và heroes in another world!

TagsAdventureFantasyLight NovelsDemon KingIsekaiKingdom BuildingMagicManagementModern KnowledgeNon-Human ProtagonistsPast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationThe Reincarnated Prince Becomes an Alchemist and Brings Prosperity khổng lồ His CountryVol: 3+; Ch: 10+MangaUp!2020 - ?

Reborn as the third prince of a tiny & insignificant country, nhân vật happens to lớn learn the forbidden-yet-powerful art of alchemy. Combined with his knowledge from modern-day Japan, Hero"s abilities grow beyond what anyone in his world could fathom! With his newly-acquired powers, he’ll bring his country back from the verge of extinction...! A combination of modern-day knowledge & alchemy khổng lồ turn a weak little country into a prosperous nation!

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Iris, an otome game addict with no time for romance, gets hit by a truck after getting out of work–but instead of dying, she finds herself in the world of a game she"d played just hours earlier. However, she"s not reborn as the game"s protagonist, the main heartthrob of the harem. Instead, she starts her new life as the antagonist, right at the moment she"s being sent lớn live in a nunnery–for the rest of her life!

TagsDramaRomanceSeinenEconomicsIsekaiKingdom BuildingManagementModern KnowledgeNobilityOtome GamePast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldPoliticalReincarnationHow a Realist nhân vật Rebuilt the KingdomVol: 8+; Ch: 47+Comic Gardo2017 - ?

"O, Hero!" With that cliched line, Kazuya Souma found himself summoned khổng lồ another world & his adventure--did not begin. After he presents his plan to lớn strengthen the country economically và militarily, the king cedes the throne to him and Souma finds himself saddled with ruling the nation! What"s more, he"s betrothed khổng lồ the king"s daughter now...?! In order to get the country back on its feet, Souma calls the wise, the talented, and the gifted to his side. Five people gather before the newly crowned Souma. Just what are the many talents và abilities they possess...?! What path will his outlook as a realist take Souma và the people of his country down?

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyRomanceIsekaiKingdom BuildingMagicManagementModern KnowledgePast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldPoliticalRoyaltySummoned Into Another WorldViolenceAdapted lớn AnimeAccomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter (Light Novel)Vol: 8; Ch: 57Kadokawa Books2015 - 2018

Iris Almeria, the daughter of a powerful duke, is arrested and forced khổng lồ her knees in front of her fiancée. Her betrothed, Prince Edward, is rejecting her for another woman! As Iris"s life flashes before her eyes, she suddenly realizes she knows exactly what is coming next–because she has been reincarnated into her favorite otome game as its villainess. Quick thinking saves her from exile, but Iris can"t rest yet. If she wants lớn survive this world that sees her as wicked, she"ll have lớn change the world itself.

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ThatAnimeSnobMar 30, 2021

My overview for the first season of the Slime isekai was well received in every site I uploaded it. And yet there were a lot of people at who kept commenting about how wrong it was, because I didn’t read the manga. Why should I? It was an overview about the first season of the anime, not a much later arc in the manga. Vì chưng I really have khổng lồ point out how stupid this is? How would you feel if I was going on every person’s đánh giá of the first season of The Promised Neverland and I was telling them they are wrong in everything they wrote, because the manga is different later on? It’s that sort of mental gymnastics that can make an average person to give up on reviewing, because he wouldn’t be able khổng lồ tolerate the insanity of the fanboys. Luckily for you, I am not average & I watched the next season where the big twist happened. & no, it doesn’t contradict anything I said about the first season, because it’s a different season & it’s definitely not an ongoing manga. Holy crap, anime community, why do you suck so much?Anyways, I had said about the first season that it was a bland nguồn fantasy about an overpowered protagonist who solves all the problems in a breezy, wholesome way. He does the same for half of the second season as well, until a bad guy cancels his hax powers with a barrier and a lot of his allies get killed by an invading army. Things are no longer hunky dory, he has to take his position more seriously, he has khổng lồ realize he can’t solve every problem with hax powers, và he has to lớn accept that he can’t save everybody all the time. This sounds like a great twist và all the author had to do was to lớn not go back to lớn the bland power nguồn fantasy.…And then he goes back to lớn the power fantasy and completely destroys the twist, thus making the show even worse than it was before, because now it comes off as pretentious. The only thing the protagonist had to bởi is khổng lồ get even more overpowered. The invading army that seemed unstoppable was easily annihilated by his hax powers, và all his allies who died were magically brought back to life. Hooray for taking things more seriously where there is still no tension or negative consequences. The fanboys of this bland power nguồn fantasy will insist it’s deep because he was forced to lớn kill a lot of people & to be more serious hereon, but who gives a damn when he can easily solve every problem with his completely broken powers và to dragonball back to lớn life anyone who died? Oh, as for the part where he is forced to lớn kill people in order to protect his friends, did everyone forget the hundreds of creatures he has killed already, including the father of the wolf who carries him around like a pet?Therefore nothing really changed và all those idiots who were making fun of me for not reading the manga when I was reviewing the anime were full of crap. The show is still lazily written, it’s nothing special, it’s a run of the mill trash isekai for people who hate their lives & want khổng lồ escape in a videogame where they are amazing and solve all their problems without having lớn actually work hard or sacrifice a thing. For a much better version of the same (supposed) twist, read my book. I also have a guy who becomes a leader & who doesn’t have hax superpowers for wiping out entire armies, nor he can resurrect anyone he likes, whenever he feels lượt thích it. It’s what the tác giả of the Slime isekai can only dream of writing, because all he cares about is creating a bland power nguồn fantasy for game thủ dorks, who will rush khổng lồ defend his trash by making fun of anyone who didn’t lượt thích the anime, because he didn’t read the manga. Defenders of this trash, you all suck & I am both a better analyst of anime & a writer of better fiction.

BlueflamemasterMar 2, 2021

Prepare for some MAJOR slow burn, the beginning episodes are slow and rather boring, however things start to pick up in a VERY negative way leading up lớn an epic episode 10, which hopefully will make it all worth the wait. If you can get through the first 6 or so episodes you will make it lớn the good stuff! Will be interesting khổng lồ see how much they fit into the last 3 episodes. Definitely looking forward to Season 2 Part 2 coming later this year!Just finised chapter 82 in the manga, seems the MAJOR slow burn is due lớn them catching up lớn the manga.At the end of this season they are already at chapter 70 in the manga. Hopefully season 2 part 2 will not be a TON of filler.Season 1 covered Chapters 1 through 52.Compared lớn Season 2 part 1 which only covered Chapters 53 through 70

Season two of the slime is here peoples and I"m here to give my honest normal dude review. So first off if you are a huge tín đồ then nothing has really changed và if you arent a huge stickler for bad story points then you"ll enjoy it all the same despite the 12 episode length. Otherwise for those on the fence I would say by episode 3 phần tư if you really bored & dont want lớn wait for something lớn happen then drop it, slime is already an incredibly slow show & this season wasn"t any different. Otherwise kick back & enjoy the slime gobble everything up for the 2nd season. Now tot he detailed reveiwah the animation, slime has to win the award for the literally sharpest art style, this can make things look really choppy. & to ruin your day in the op & for most of the character movement it consists of them doing a left to right moment lượt thích they are shifting their weight. WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN. That doesn"t mean it"s bad but is it great no it does look nice though .For the sound I liked the music but despite having the opportunity khổng lồ fill the world with ambient noise they don"t và that"s a bummer it"s such a quiet show. Mushi shi is my example for anyone wondering.the chapters are .... Really ok, I like them & they are fun but that doesn"t excuse 36 epsiodes almost 0 human characters development moments with so many solid characters you"d think some of them would genuinely lash out at something but no they ALWAYS restrain themselves and ALWAYS make the perfectly righteous choice except for one moment which lead me khổng lồ the story.the story really was boring in terms of thing happening và then it became interesting then straight to lớn face palm kind of feeling is a bad way khổng lồ feel by the end. But give it a shot you may lượt thích it.The whole reviving dead characters & sacrifice 20k people is stupid. He feels no remorse no grief no failure he just murder all those people not for revenge but for the righteous choice lớn revive his friends and he doesn"t bat an eye. He never struggles or fails everything thing slime boy và friends have done up until this point has been 100% successful which means any conflict loses all emotion & gravity which makes the show even more tedious & boring on đứng đầu of the hyper slow và I"m eventful episodes that hóa trang more than 80% of the 36 epsiodes of the whole series | | 567live XoiLac TV Ibet888