Andrew Garfield"s Peter Parker emerged as an MVP of Spider-Man: No Way Home, but here"s why he never starred in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

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Why was The Amazing Spider-Man 3 canceled, ending the franchise starring Andrew Garfield? For months leading up to lớn the release of Marvel's Spider-Man: No Way Home, reports suggested that Garfield would return as his version of Peter Parker, thanks khổng lồ multiversal shenanigans. Garfield did indeed appear in the film alongside Tom Holland's MCU Spider-Man, defeating a team of united supervillains. While both The Amazing Spider-Man & The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drew mixed reactions, Garfield's return khổng lồ the role was received warmly, with lots of loud cheers erupting in theaters.

To be fair lớn Garfield, who's more than proven himself as an actor in films like The Social Network and Tick, Tick... Boom!, his performances were never really the problem with The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Garfield's Spider-Man made valiant efforts lớn raise both films khổng lồ a high level but was let down by questionable writing choices & characterization decisions, especially in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That's also true of Jamie Foxx, who also proved in No Way Home that he could play a much better version of Electro.

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While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 proved especially divisive among audiences & was trashed by critics, many have come to believe that this response is what caused Sony not khổng lồ make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 with Garfield. That's actually not true, as the film still performed pretty well at the international box office, even after Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to meet expectations. Thanks to lớn the infamous năm trước Sony hacking incident, the world knows exactly why Garfield was fired và the answer to the question, why was The Amazing Spider-Man 3 canceled? Garfield failed lớn show up at a planned press sự kiện in Brazil announcing the sequel, and that offended đứng top Sony brass enough to sever ties.


So why was The Amazing Spider-Man 3 canceled, really? Garfield was set to lớn appear at a big Sony gala event in Rio de Janeiro khổng lồ celebrate the kết thúc of the World Cup in summer 2014. Garfield was supposed to speak alongside then-Sony CEO Kaz Hirai at the event, in which the two men would announce The Amazing Spider-Man 3 for a năm 2016 release. Unfortunately, Garfield arrived in Brazil late, wasn't feeling great according to lớn his reps, và decided to lớn back out of the event mere hours before the big announcement. This caused Hirai's presentation to be drastically altered, và the Spider-Man announcement part to be canceled. Needless khổng lồ say, many executives within Sony were quite upset with Garfield's last-minute no-show, including Hirai himself, who felt personally slighted.

As much as most might be inclined to sympathize with Garfield not wanting to appear in front of a large crowd while not feeling well, in a more realistic sense, leaving one's boss khủng hanging out to lớn dry at the last minute is never likely to lớn result in a positive outcome for an employee, movie star or not. With the decision made to cancel The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and fire Garfield from the Spider-Man role, Sony went into Spider-Man negotiations with Marvel for a possible introduction of the character into the MCU. This had been tried before but wasn't successful. The talks resulted in an agreement this time, leading khổng lồ Tom Holland's Spider-Man debuting in Captain America: Civil War, ironically right around the originally planned 2016 release date of The Amazing Spider-Man 3.


Although The Amazing Spider-Man 3's initial plan was scrapped, this doesn't necessarily mean the kết thúc of Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker. Especially given the incredibly positive audience response khổng lồ his No Way home role, it seems that Sony could still stand lớn gain from pursuing this version of the character further. In many ways, Garfield represents a Peter Parker audiences can most easily empathize with, as he's had to face challenges that feel uniquely adult và real-world compared to lớn some of his counterparts. This is also, in large part, thanks to lớn Garfield's superb acting. Andrew Garfield would be perfect in Venom 3 alongside Tom Hardy's symbiote antihero, as many have correctly pointed out, and weaving the Sony Spider-Verse villains into the existing The Amazing Spider-Man canon would be a great way to lớn ground them better & make them feel more relevant. Even more importantly, it would give this version of Peter Parker the chance to shine that he never got thanks to lớn The Amazing Spider-Man 3's cancelation.

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