Valve releases 2021 dota 2 battle pass, includes spectre arcana, davion dragon knight persona, and nemestice event


Now that we’re a month on from Team Spirit’s victory at this year’s Dota 2 International tournament, Valve has revealed what’s coming up next for its flagship MOBA game. The studio has announced the first tour of the next Dota Pro Circuit season starts up next week, with the Winter Major being the crowning event it’ll all lead up to. Alongside this, it’s extended Fantasy Dota “into the wider DPC season” – & revealed the next battle pass is coming up soon.

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“We’re <…> putting the finishing touches on the next battle pass, which is due out in the next few weeks,” the studio says in a new dev post. “We’ve got a special conundrum cooking và we can’t wait to giới thiệu it.” This will be the second offering of 2021, following the Nemestice battle pass which launched in Jun this year and ran until August 17.

There’s no word on exactly when in the next few weeks it’ll drop – much less what will be in it – from the post, but with Valve teasing that it’s got something “special” up its sleeve, it looks lượt thích we can expect some exciting new stuff, whatever that might be.

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Outside of this, Valve is extending Fantasy Dota – a feature kind of lượt thích Fantasy Baseballwhich gets players creating their own line-ups of pro players as part of a Fantasy League, earning points based on how those picks fare in Tournament matches – intoa longer-runningexperience. “To help the Dota community get into the spirit of the global competition right out the gate, we’ve brought Fantasy play out of the Compendium và into the wider DPC season, letting you play for the duration of each tour,” the studio explains.

DPC Winter 2022 Tour

The first Tour of the next Dota Pro Circuit season kicks off next week & along with it comes season-long Fantasy play.

— DOTA 2 (
DOTA2) November 24, 2021

“Fantasy play during the DPC works similar khổng lồ each year during The International, with the main difference being fans now compete within specific regions, and scoring is calculated by period (generally a week) rather than daily.” You can kiểm tra out a handily thorough explainer of how lớn play in Valve’s dev post,and catchsome details about the upcoming DPC events on the dedicated page at that link.

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Published: Nov 26, 2021

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