Along with listening to music on the best music streaming apps & watching some awesome Netflix movies, playing games is probably the most loved bít tất tay buster. Whether you get stuck at the airport, waiting in a queue, or just want to lớn rejuvenate yourself, fun-filled games can have a role khổng lồ play in shrugging off the boredom. But thanks khổng lồ the rise of multiplayer games, most games require an internet connection, which is not ideal if you are on a limited data plan or are in an area with shoddy connection. For that reason, we have curated the đôi mươi best offline games for iPhone & iPad to ensure your gaming drive never comes to a halt.

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Best Offline Games for iPhone và iPad (2022)

So, what sort of offline iPhone games are you after? Are you on the lookout for an action-packed shooting trò chơi or a fun-filled endless runner or the best racing games that you can play endlessly without burning your cellular data?In this extensive collection, we have chosen a variety of games so that you can pick the desired game for uninterrupted play. As to which one you should pick to get started, it all boils down khổng lồ your personal preference và of course mood. That all being said, let’s jump right in!

1. Wayward Souls

As far as offline iPhone games are considered, Wayward Souls is one you should definitely check out. The game is like a roguelike, & it can be played for hours on end. There’s a lot to lớn explore và unlock within this trò chơi which means you won’t feel bored even on the longest of flights.One of the things I like most about this game is that it’s a quick game to play. Now that might sound like a contradiction to lớn my earlier statement “it can be played for hours on end”, but it’s actually not, and that’s what I like the most. See, a typical trò chơi is very quick in Wayward Souls, but you have multiple classes which have their own storylines, so you can explore all of them. Plus there are multiple upgrades, and a labyrinth which… well, I won’t ruin it for you.


The point is, Wayward Souls is great for people who, like me, want a trò chơi they can play quickly, và one that has tons of other options to lớn explore for long hours of gaming as well.Install($7.99)

2. Soul Knight

If Wayward Souls wasn’t a good fit for you, or if you were put off by its price tag, Soul Knight is another offline trò chơi for iPhone that you should kiểm tra out. This is a free to play game, which automatically makes it that much more attractive. Soul Knight is like a roguelike as well, so if that’s something you like you will appreciate this game.

Your mission is simple: aliens have stolen a magical stone and you have lớn get it back. The trò chơi will give you a lot of alien-shooting fun, dungeon exploration, và more. You can collect weapons lớn upgrade your loadout and there are a lot of chất lượng heroes, over 120 weapons, và more for you lớn play with. One of reasons I love this game on flights is the fact that it’s really easy to lớn play so you won’t get annoyed trying khổng lồ learn the ropes.Install(Free, offers in-app purchases)

3. Siralim 2 (monster taming RPG)

Do you lượt thích being a monster tamer? vì chưng you like old-school games? If so, Siralim 2 is a trò chơi you should địa chỉ to your library of offline iPhone games. In Siralim you get to tame hundreds of monsters that you can summon khổng lồ fight for you. The game has endless dungeons lớn explore, and your monsters will help you through them. Plus, there’s no cấp độ cap, which means technically, you can keep playing this game pretty much forever.


You can not only tame monsters (of which there are over 600), but you can also breed monsters and get them lớn lay eggs, resulting in more monsters for you. Equip spells, build equipment, & upgrade your castle to lớn unlock more quests, và a lot more. Siralim 2 is the best iPhone trò chơi for airplane mode, và you should definitely check it out.Install($4.99)

4. Brothers in Arms 3

Gameloft is one of the most popular smartphone game developers, & the Brothers in Arms franchise of games is one I’ve been playing since I was in college. Brothers in Arms 3 brings all the action of a World War third person shooter to your iPhone and it’s one of the best offline iPhone games out there. The game has an impressive single player campaign with a number of missions that you complete, fighting against the Nazis.

The game follows the story after the fateful D-day invasion, và you’re deployed in Normandy to fight off the German soldiers. As you progress in the single player campaign, you’ll unlock new weapons và upgrades, và even new ‘brothers’ that will fight alongside you. Each of these brothers have their own special abilities that can help turn the tide of war in your favor. One of my most loved aspects of this game is the fact that it has a variety of missions. From ‘Assault’ missions where you’ll take your enemies head on khổng lồ ‘Stealth’ missions where one wrong move can result in a failed mission, BiA 3 doesn’t fail to impress throughout its chiến dịch and it’s an awesome iPhone game to play without mạng internet connection.

Install: Free, with in-app purchases

5. Plague Inc.

This game might be too on the nose in these times, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Plague Inc. Is an interesting offline game for iPhone. If you’re a fan of strategy games, & you also want khổng lồ feel like a Bond villain at the same time, Plague inc can help you live out your fantasy without invoking the wrath of MI6. As the name suggests, you have created a pathogen that has successfully infected a human being, và now you need lớn strategize and spread it in a way that it completely infects all of humankind. On the other hand, if you’d rather be involved in correcting problems, the trò chơi now also features a ‘Cure’ version where you have to develop a cure for the plague và make sure that it cures every single person on the planet.

All that said, Plague inch isn’t just a mindless game; in fact, it aims khổng lồ engage people to think about major public health issues, and even khổng lồ give people an idea of just how difficult it can be lớn address the threat of a global pandemic — something many people fail to understand.Install: $0.99, with in-app purchases

6. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the sort of game that has never failed to lớn bring me on the edge. Despite being incredibly simple to lớn play, the endless running trò chơi has got everything covered to lớn keep you guessing. As you may have already sensed, the game is all about running as fast as you can while dodging the obstacles.
With fast-paced acrobatics and smooth controls, Subway Surfers seems to get into the groove right away. Besides, the impressive HD graphics ensure there is no let-up as far as visual pleasure is concerned. Add to that a ton of cool rewards and the trò chơi seems to be solid for endless running.One of my favorite features of Subway Surfers is the fast-paced swipe acrobatics as they play a key role in keeping the thrill intact. And yes, the paint powered jetpack has also caught my attention in equal measure. All in all, it’s one of the coolest không lấy phí offline games for iPhone và iPad you can play.Install: (Free, offers in-app purchases)

7. Skiing Yeti Mountain

If you’re a tín đồ of snowboarding và winter sports, Skiing Yeti Mountain is the offline iPhone trò chơi you should tải về right now. As the name suggests, the trò chơi is all about skiing, but there’s more. You will snowboard through hundreds of levels, jump off cliffs, and do a lot more in your quest to find the Yeti.

You will also meet a wide array of NPCs in your quests, và the cảm ứng controls of the game are really good so you can precisely control your snowboard as you carve your way through the mountains. Overall, Skiing Yeti Mountain is definitely a game you should check out if you’re looking for a fun sports game that you can play offline on iPhone and iPad.Install(Free; offers in-app purchases)


What puts BADLAND and its sequel BADLAND 2 at the forefront is the amazing atmospheric side-scrolling action-adventure. Phối in a forest packed with a number of different inhabitants, flowers, & trees, the game offers a lot of scope for exploring. So, aside from showcasing your gaming prowess, you can also explore intriguing things.
The physics-based game play warrants a bit of time initially. However, once you have gone past the initial stage, you would soon get a good grip over the gameplay. Both BADLAND và BADLAND 2 also feature a local multiplayer mode where four players can compete with one another in a battle for survival.What has caught my attention in this trò chơi is the VERSUS mode with over 30 levels. Featuring a number of twists and turns, it has fascinated me a lot.Moreover, the ability lớn create custom levels & play them with friends has also appealed lớn my taste.

What’s more, if you’re an táo bị cắn Arcade subscriber, you can tải về Badland+, which is basically Badland, but included for free in your subscription. So you can enjoy the game without having lớn spend another dollar on it. Awesome!Install: (BADLAND – $0.99 / BADLAND 2 – $0.99)

9. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead is what you should pick to enliven your penchant for the zombie apocalypse. Yes, you got that right! The game is all about survival in the face of death, irrespective of how you keep moving.
One of the highlights of Into the Dead is the evolving story with multiple endings. With 7 long chapters, 60 stages, và a number of challenges, the story has got all sorts of elements khổng lồ keep you fascinated. Even in terms of weapons, the game is up khổng lồ the mark with an ever-growing library of weapons including firearms, explosives, và melee weapons.Furthermore,Into the Dead has also got immersive environments khổng lồ let you explore different things. And just in case you don’t want to lớn be tied to the same story, you have the option to lớn try out daily special sự kiện modes where you can bag plenty of exclusive prizes as well.

Install: (Free, offers in-app purchases)

10. Alto’s Adventure & Alto’s Odyssey

If you are in for a classic endless running game, Alto’s Adventure and its sequel Alto’s Odyssey, should be at the top of your list. What makes these games different from other endless running games is the physics-based gameplay. With dynamic lighting, weather effects such as fog, rainbows, and thunderstorms, it makes snow-boarding a joy khổng lồ play.
Though the trò chơi is quite easy to learn, you will have lớn spend some time to master it. Packed with around 180 goals, the trò chơi ensures you have a variety of challenges khổng lồ encounter.What’s more, you can also invite your friends to lớn compete with you in a battle of supremacy. One of my favorite features of Alto’s Adventure is the minimalist design & the soothing audio that can help you kill áp lực with consummate ease. Long story short, it’s a classy offline game that you would love lớn play on your iPhone & iPad.Install: (Alto’s Adventure – $4.99 / Alto’s Odyssey – $4.99)

11. Vector 2

If you’re looking for an offline iPhone trò chơi for flights và such, I’d suggest you give Vector 2 a try. This is an easy lớn play trò chơi that will also easily eat into hours of your otherwise boring flight time. Vector 2 puts you into a dystopian world where you’re a thử nghiệm subject who has lớn run through different floors of a laboratory while avoiding obstacles và performing trick jumps và slides. After every level, you will be able to lớn earn some nâng cấp tokens that you can use to improve your armor, among other things.

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This offline game for iPhone has a simple control mechanism, & uses swipe gestures to jump, slide, or accelerate. That means, there’s no steep learning curve involved. However, the game itself gets progressively more challenging to win, & the fact that the levels are procedurally generated means it’s always exciting và new.Install: Free, with in-app purchases

12. Need for tốc độ No Limits

Need for tốc độ is a franchise that needs no introduction, và if you’re looking for an offline iPhone racing game, NFS No Limits is probably one of the best picks out there. The trò chơi starts you off, in a quintessentially NFS way where you get taken down by cops for racing, and then you have to start from scratch and build up your garage. This, you can do by participating in, & winning, a number of races spread across multiple chapters.
Once you’ve defeated all the mini-bosses, so khổng lồ speak, you will face off against the best racer in the city, & beat him in a final race to complete the game. NFS No Limits is an easy khổng lồ play racing game with impressive graphics, a bunch of different types of races, and locales that you will find yourself in, so go ahead and download this game.

Install: Free, with in-app purchases

13. Monument Valley và Monument Valley 2

Fans of puzzle games will love nothing more than these really impressive games from developer Ustwo. Monument Valley puts you in the shoes of a princess that has to lớn find her way out of a number of mind-bending architectures. The game utilizes optical illusions & other tricks to lớn confuse the player, but it’s an incredibly fun game to play.
You can also try out Monument Valley 2, where you will control Ro, & her child as they try to lớn get across the stunning environments in the game. Similar khổng lồ Monument Valley, you will be manipulating architecture of every level to reveal hidden paths and locations, & overcome challenges successfully.Both Monument Valley và Monument Valley 2 are amazing offline iPhone games & coupled with their impressive soundtrack, I’d recommend them as the classic offline games khổng lồ play on a flight.Install: $3.99 & $4.99 respectively

14. GTA San Andreas

Look, GTA San Andreas needs no introduction khổng lồ anyone who hasn’t been living under a massive rock for the better part of the last decade. Arguably one of the best games in the Grand Theft auto franchise, San Andreas is the perfect place for all your shenanigans. And with GTA San Andreas available on iPhone, it’s definitely one of the best offline iPhone games for everyone.
You play as Carl Johnson, as you return lớn San Andreas after a family disaster, và as it always does in GTA, trouble pretty much follows you all around the fairly massive map. I’m not going khổng lồ pretend lượt thích you need to be reminded of this iconic title’s storyline, so if you’ve been looking for a great trò chơi to play on your iPhone while offline, go ahead and buy GTA San Andreas.Install($6.99)

15. Limbo

Should you wish to lớn take on an interesting puzzle-based adventure game, I would recommend you try out Limbo. Mix in a dark & dreading universe, the game will challenge you to the core. As for the gameplay, you have to play as a young boy who enters the limbo khổng lồ save her sister.
You have to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with terror-ridden forest, deadly spiders, and unexpected hurdles thrown upon you. For passing each hurdle you have lớn think creatively & solve complex puzzles. The game will demo your patience khổng lồ the hill, therefore make sure not khổng lồ get disheartened as the clues might be under the hood.

Though I also had a tough time dealing with unexpected obstacles, I was able to lớn find my mojo soon. Once I got a grip over the hurdles, the chơi game never felt too challenging lớn me. Despite being a very old game, this one never seem to lớn amaze me.Install: ($3.99)

16. Asphalt 8 – Drift Racing Game

If it’s time khổng lồ kickstart a nail-biting oto racing spree, why look anywhere else when you have one of the best offline racing games in the size of Asphalt 8 – Drift Racing Game.
Boasting a massive collection of over 280 official tốc độ machines including Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, & more, you will enjoy racing lớn the core. Khổng lồ deliver a real-life like racing experience, the trò chơi features more than 50 tracks where you will never get tired of burning the tires of your high-speed machines.That’s not all, Asphalt 8 can let you take part in more than 400 career events & take on around 1,500 car mastery challenges. As for variety, the racing game has multiple different game modes – each one is designed to chạy thử your racing skill. Và if you have a liking for customizing your vehicles, you also have a huge roster of over 2,300 decals. Lớn sum up everything, it’s a must-have racing trò chơi for your high-octane racing adventure.

The new version of the trò chơi Asphalt 9 (free, in-app purchases) has been out for what seems like ages now, but it remains mainly an online game. You can play it offline with some hacks, but if you want all the features, you need to be connected lớn the internet.Install: (Free, offers in-app purchases)

17. N.O.V.A. Legacy

Yet another offline shooting trò chơi that deserves a spot in this roundup is N.O.V.A. Legacy. What I love the most in this FPS multiplayer kích hoạt game is the retro shooting experience. With this game, you will enjoy taking on the famous Gameloft FPS series.
As for the gameplay, you have khổng lồ don the role of a Kal Wardin, a retired N.O.V.A veteran who has been summoned to take on shooting again in defense of the Colonial Administration forces. Notably, the trò chơi features an intriguing story mode wherein you can put your shooting prowess on full display to uncover the truth.What’s more, N.O.V.A. Legacy also offers power-packed shadow events where you can defeat the aliens in the challenging limited-time events. & if you have a liking for deathmatch or battle royale games, you can choose to lớn get into a 6-player firefight khổng lồ be the last one standing. Bear in mind, the deathmatch is rather challenging, so you’ve got to lớn be at your killer best to decimate the opponents. Overall this is also one of the best multiplayer games for iPhone out there.

Install: (Free, offers in-app purchases)

18. Minecraft

For the folks looking for one of the best building games, and games that can offer plenty of scope for creativity, Minecraft seems khổng lồ be the way lớn go. What has always fascinated me in this top-notch offline trò chơi for iPhone is the option lớn explore the infinite worlds. Times when you wish to lớn bust áp lực or get lost in amazing wonderlands, it can come in pretty handy in letting you relax.
Another thing worth taking lưu ý of is the desired freedom khổng lồ build your own world. From a beautiful home to awe-inspiring castles, the tiện ích lets you create your dream abode. The only that you need to lớn excel in this aspect is limitless imagination.If you ever find the creative mode a bit boring, you can kickstart the survival mode wherein you will need lớn craft robust weapons & armor to lớn safeguard yourself against dangerous mobs. Oh yes, you can also team up with your friends khổng lồ fight against mobs.Install: ($4.99)

19. Sudoku

Whether you are an old-time gamer or have just started lớn love gaming on your tiện ích ios device, chances are that you may already be quite familiar with number games. What makes such games so addictive is the easy yet very interesting gameplay.
If you are willing to lớn give a chance khổng lồ a classy number game, Sudoku is for you. Featuring a ton of sudoku puzzles, the trò chơi can keep you hooked for hours. Notably, it also offers the needed hints khổng lồ help you get out of trouble if you ever happen lớn get stuck.One of my favorite features of this game is a good set of daily challenges that ensure you always have something different lớn take on. Besides, the option khổng lồ take part in seasonable events and be able khổng lồ win coveted medals also play a key role in keeping the interest alive.Install: (Free, offers in-app purchases)

20. Traffic Racer

Just in case you want lớn play an easy racing game, Traffic Racer could be worth checking out. In this arcade racing game, you get a chance to lớn drive your car through busy traffic and earn plenty of cash. Not khổng lồ mention, you also have plenty of options lớn customize & upgrade your car.

Boasting a solid collection of over 40 different cars, it has also got the variety to keep you interested for more. There are five different trò chơi modes such as endless, two-way, time trial, police chase, and không tính phí ride. Depending on your mood or preference, you can choose to lớn play any game mode.What’s more, Traffic Racer features multiple good-looking environments lượt thích snowy, rainy, city night, suburb, và desert. With basic customization & leaderboards/achievements, it seems khổng lồ tick off all the essential boxes. Taking everything into account, it’s one of the best không lấy phí offline iPhone games.Install: (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Top Offline iPhone & iPad Games Lined Up for You

There you go! So, these are my favorite offline ios games. Now that you have known my favorites, it’s your turn to chia sẻ your preferred collection.Besides, if you think that some games deserve lớn get a mention in this roundup, make sure to let me know their names as well.Though I’m more fond of action-packed games, brain-teasing puzzle games have always remained on my hotlist. Apart from being a timely áp lực buster, they never fail to let the thrill die down. Và that’s what makes them evergreen for me. That said, it’s always fun khổng lồ play games with your friends, so if you’re up for it, you should check out some of the best multiplayer games for iPhone that we’ve curated as well. Also, if you’re looking for something fun lớn play with your friends in local co-op, you should check out our danh mục of best split-screen (couch co-op) games for PC.
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